7 May 2018

The Best Technology for Improving Employee Productivity

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In today’s world where it appears things are changing and evolving everyday, the idea that “time is money” has never felt truer. Every moment an organization operates without being productive, they wind up an extra inch farther behind the leading edge of their industry. The pressure is on for businesses - particularly small businesses just getting their foot in the door - to maximize the amount of output produced for every ounce of input.

As any seasoned business leader knows, this is easier said than done. Luckily there are an array of technological resources small business leaders can use to improve employee productivity and get the most for their time and money.

Productivity Software

The best investment a small business can make in pursuit of better productivity levels is to get ahold of solid software meant to keep personnel properly organized. The right business software for workplace productivity should feature a wide array of features available on a cloud-based format. The software should have no problem performing a word search which scans documents, PDFs, and images. The software should have a reputation for fast onboarding for new workers, as well as function as a research collection resource.

Website Blockers

Some things never change, and the effectiveness of website blockers remains a key component in effective time management of the internet age. Although these days instead of being used to keep kids away from risqué online content, website blockers are more often used by companies to keep workers from straying off course during their shifts. It’s important for small companies to choose a blocker app which doesn’t obstruct legitimate workflow; social media, for example, may need to be accessed for work purposes.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Distractions are in no short supply in the modern work environment. A side-effect of the desire to get rid of cubicles, open up the office floor plan, and give workers more options to work remotely has been a greater propensity for getting distracted. One of the best gadgets to counteract these interruptions is noise-canceling headphones which act to neutralize external audio with real-time internal adjustments.


Companies big and small both want and need to be there for their customers as much as possible. While large corporations can afford to have a dedicated team of customer service agents, small businesses typically need to find work arounds. The solution for many smaller organizations is to utilize the latest chatbot technology which acts as a coherent and oftentimes comprehensive means of achieving quality customer service on a tight budget. In many cases these chatbots can even play a role in processing sales.

Targeted Digital Marketing

Lastly, the growing sophistication of digital marketing technology has opened up the potential for vast amounts of company productivity to be regained. What was once a time-consuming process of conducting outreach, tracking data, and casting large nets with small returns has gotten exceptionally streamlined thanks to behind-the-scenes software doing most of the work. Smaller companies can save a lot of time (and therefore money) by making the transition towards improved digital marketing strategies.

Making the most of every moment of the workday is how most small businesses evolve into giants of their given industry. However, this is difficult if not impossible to accomplish without adequate utilization of the latest technology. Helping workers to be more productive is a matter of finding the right tools for them to use.

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