8 November 2018

How to Build Backlnks in 2018

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Looking for white hat backlinks?You came to the right post.

Link building and outreach is still the backbone of SEO – without high-quality backlinks, there won’t be organic traffic. To help you out we collected some techniques to generate white hat backlinks that still work in 2018.Quality over quantity.

A futile effort or your best return on investment is what you make out of link building. It’s is not black or white.

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What are Backlinks (and How Do They Work)?

A “backlink” is created when an external website links to yours. This why some people refer to them as “external backlinks” or “inbound links”.These links are a large piece of the ranking puzzle.

But before we get into the heavy link building strategy…You need to make sure that your site is ready for backlinks.

When to Build Backlinks

Many people dive into link acquisition before they’ve built a strong foundation. What you must realize is that a strong foundation (a well-optimized website) makes your link building more effective.

When your backlinks are more effective, you don’t need as many to achieve your desired result!
That ultimately saves you time and money.

Build Backlinks rel=nofollow

The golden age of easy backlink juice seems to be coming to an end.  Websites such as Forbes, Huffington Post and others are implemented a strategy of applying nofollow tags to all links from contributor articles.  So if I wanted to write an article for Forbes or Huffington Posts, the links aren’t going to pass any value because they are now coded as nofollow.

Now to be honest, nofollow backlinks still have value from a CTR perspective, but it will not raise the page ranking since no link juice is pushed through.

Building Backlinks Do Follow

These types of links pass link juice and help in influence in the ranking of a keyword. A link by default is the Dofollow type. It’s look like.

 <a href = https://www.techtrickhome.com/ rel="external">TechTrickHome</a>

Do you know Role Of Backlinks?
  1. Its increase ranking of a keyword.
  2. It’s Help in Increase of DA{domain Authority}
  3. It increases Pages Authority{PA}
  4. An increase in referral traffic.
  5. A natural backlink profile helps us to build a strong brand.
Before starting to use this list of backlinks, we would suggest you one thing. Don't create all these links in single day.

Why is link building important?

Everyone wants backlinks to rank their content, But the question is why do you need links?

Well in 2015 MOZ surveyed to understand how search engine algorithms work.

In 2016 Backlinko analysed 1 million google search results to find the factors for ranking.

Guess what; they found backlinks as a top ranking factor.

It is straightforward – The more links you have, the higher you rank. However, Spamming backlinks isn’t going to get you top positions.Because Google wants to see a diverse source of backlinks from different domains to rank.Not all backlinks are same. Some backlinks won’t improve rankings, and some may have negative effects on the site.Please remember  never waste your time and money building DA 0-25 Links.Spamming from different domains is also not good these days. It means you need get more Quality Backlinks.The more you earn quality backlinks, the higher you rank in Google.

High-Quality Backlinks –> High Google Ranks –> Happy Webmaster

we're listing down some of the strategies that I’ll be using for building backlinks in this year 2018, and I’ll want you to try out these strategies for building backlinks.

Long Evergreen Content
Even if there have been massive changes to SEO, the value of long evergreen content has stayed the same and actually it has increased much more now. If you want to rank your website and want other bloggers to link to your blog posts, then try to write long posts having minimum of 1500 to 2000 words. Writing long posts may require hard work, but it will bring you better search engine rankings and some of the best bloggers may link to your blog posts.

Write Testimonials and Reviews
If you’re someone who is having a well established blog and known in the blogging world, then definitely the testimonials and reviews written by you will get accepted. You can review different products, tools and services for getting a backlink to your blog. It is necessary that you write testimonial or review in a very professional way so that it will always get accepted. You can even review a product on your blog and ask the company to give a link to your review on their website.

Publish a Guest Post On a Popular Blog
Many bloggers still believe that publishing a guest post on popular blogs is one of the best ways for building backlinks. Things have changed as nowadays you can get double benefit by getting a link from the author-bio section as well as a natural link from the post itself. Many bloggers don’t accept guest posts, while there are popular blogs which allow bloggers to post guest posts regularly. Publish guest posts regularly at the popular blogs in your niche and then you’ll definitely be able to get success in the long run. Make sure that you go through all the terms and conditions for guest posting at particular blogs so that your guest post won’t be rejected.

New Ways and Strategies to Build Backlinks

Image Credits to Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos

List Your Site in Right Directories

It is important that you give importance to getting backlinks from the right directories. By listing down your blog in directories which contain your blog niche category, you’ll definitely be able to get a good backlink for your blog. Make sure that you don’t list down your blog in spammy directories or the directories which don’t have your blog niche as the category.

Publish Interviews on Your Blog

By publishing interviews of popular bloggers, entrepreneurs and founders of companies on your blog, you’ll be able to get more social media shares as well as more backlinks. You need to send interview requests to the popular people and they may definitely get ready to answer all your questions.

Analyze the Links Build by Your Competitors

You can make use of Google Search or even different SEO tools for analyzing the links built by your competitors. By analyzing the links, you may be able to know the high quality links which have allowed your competitors to get better rankings. You can try to get similar high quality links from the same websites/blogs by spending time building backlinks.

Launch a Special Blogging Contest

A special blogging contest can be arranged for getting high quality backlinks and you’ll be required to do little investment for it. You can ask bloggers to write about a particular product or topic, and at the same time make announcement that bloggers publishing the best blog posts will be rewarded.

Publish Infographics on Your Blog

One of the very trendy ways to get good number of backlinks these days is publishing high quality infographics on blog. By publishing informative infographics on your blog, you’ll be able to get backlink to your blog whenever any blogger decides to publish the same infographic. Make sure that you publish informative infographics by focusing on the target audience. If any blogger publishes the infographic made by you without linking to your blog, then you can definitely request the blogger to give a backlink to your blog.

Start Sharing Videos Regularly

Nowadays video blogging is in trend. You can share useful videos at YouTube, Vimeo and even ask other bloggers to use your videos. By sharing useful videos regularly, you’ll be able to get backlinks from different websites and blogs. Make sure that your videos are informative and on trending topics so that bloggers will share them not only on social networks, but also at their blogs.

Start New Threads in Forum

One way to get regular backlinks from forums is by starting new useful threads. You can give the link to particular blog post by starting a thread on a particular topic. It is important that you choose the right topic as then only the thread will get enough number of replies and the forum thread started by you won’t be deleted.

Hope you find the article helpful. If you wanna add some more please add them through your comments.

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