27 November 2018

Social Media Marketing Trends You Should Adopt

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Social media platforms have grown at a rapid pace thanks to advancements in technology. Consequently, marketers and advertisers also need to stay ahead of emerging trends and understand the best ways to reach out to potential customers.

To take advantage of this, some firms have recruited seo and smm services to help them reach out to their customer base. Here are the latest trends in social media marketing you should adopt to continue being successful in the future.

Influencer Marketing Is the in Thing

An influencer is a typical person who has a significant impact on the thinking and actions of her or his huge following on social media. In contrast to the past when celebrities carried the day as brand ambassadors, now, ordinary people with a significant number of followers on social media are being sought after as influencers.

The primary reason behind this is that a recent survey has shown that customers place more trust in regular influencers than in celebrities. You can hire an influencer who you feel would represent your products or services well and pay them for promotional services.

Invest in Paid and Personalised Content

Recently, Facebook and Instagram conducted an overhaul of their patterns and algorithms so that they could allow users to socialise more. However, the number of posts users were able to see was limited to protect members from being flooded with promotional content.

Because of this, brands have to spend cash on social media adverts to promote their products and boost their visibility to their ever-growing target audience. Additionally, the content needs to be personalised to better connect with customers. As a social media marketer, the best bet to promote your products or services and reach a greater audience is to invest significantly in personalised and paid promotional content.

Invest in Video Content

Developing video content is not always an easy task. However, according to recent statistics, promotional videos create five times more engagement than images. This is proof enough that creating short videos to advertise your product or service does yield returns.

Recently, quite a number of advertisers are using videos as a way of promoting their products to potential clients. Having a short video highlighting your product or services is more effective and will lead to a higher number of interactions than creating many image adverts.

Live Video Streaming

You might have come across various marketers carrying out live demonstrations on social media while interacting with their customers. Some may answer questions potential customers have concerning the product or service. There is a strong belief that customers are more likely to purchase a product when they see it being used in real time. It is satisfying for a customer to see her or his question being addressed in a Facebook question and answer session. This will most certainly translate into higher sales because many customers will develop trust in your product or service.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Engineers are working towards automating several processes. AI trends have caught up with social media platforms. For instance, chatbots are now being used to interact with customers in real time with a very high success rate.

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