14 December 2018

Filmora Video editor - perfect balance between simplicity and funcionality

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Gone are the days when video editors used to be an also ran affair and the consumer level video editors used to be a pale clone of the professional options available. However, the times have changed for better from the consumer’s point of view and we have now been witnessing video editors with a focus on becoming feature rich. Once such video editor that stays ahead of the competition with its performance is Filmora Video Editor. So what does it do? Let us explore in a finer detail.

What makes Filmora a Great Choice?

Filmora strikes a perfect balance between being a simple application along with the features that are found on the professional offerings. That would be helpful from a non-technical consumer’s point of view. They would get an easier functionality coupled with the features that most of the users look for in their video editor.

The availability of the smart themed filters and Hollywood like effects would make it an ideal option for most of your needs. They would definitely lend a helping hand in making your videos incredibly professional. However, you will need to upgrade to the premium version if you do not like the watermark on your videos.

The Features

The video editing software packs in a host of functions making it a great choice in every respect. There is everything for every sort of a user. The flexibility of the tool is what would ideally make it a great choice as the best video editor.

It comes with a Full featured Mode and an Easy Mode. The full featured mode will offer you an excellent functionality for working with almost all the editing features that you have come to experience with the professional video editors. It comes with a full editing interface to work with.
The Easy Mode will help you work with a semi-automatic mode. It is best suited for your needs if you are not an expert in video editing and checking out a few simpler editing options.
It also offers you a few interesting features you may not find in a regular consumer centric video editors -

  •  Green Screen – If you are checking out the chroma key effect and green screen effects for your explainer videos, Filmora can be an excellent choice.
  • Video Stabilisation – You can ensure that your videos are as much stable as possible. It offers you an auto setting for the functionality.
  • Motion Paths – With Motion Paths technology, you can add up the objects like speech bubbles. The bubbles and other objects will move along with the moving objects.
  • Intuitive Tools – You have access to a host of  intuitive tools and over 300 special effects that would be helpful in creating Hollywood style effects in your video.

In addition, you also have access to over 25 copyright free songs in the music library and over 140 beautiful filters to work with.

We would consider it one of the most intuitive options in terms of the best video editors for your requirements. It is an ideal option if you are looking for the best features in your video editors.

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