26 March 2019

The 7 Deadly Sins of Guest Blogging

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Guest Blogging
Why my guest posts are getting rejected everywhere?
F*ck this guest posting system, no one is recognizing my work.
Have you encountered the same situation before?
Well you’re in the right place then!
Lets see how you can crush the guest posting sins to make your guest blogging journey a success.

Guest blogging mistakes that shouldn’t be done  

Not having attention grabbing headlines.

I said this and I’ll say this another 1000 times.. headlines are everything.
Okay it’s not my dialogue ;) (Brian Clark’s? Okay give him that credit)
This time we’ll discuss about headlines in another angle.
I’m sure everyone will write good titles on their guest posts.. but what should you remember here is this: good is not enough!
Come on.. say this along with me.
Create great headlines  – not good titles
But how can you decide whether your headline is good or great?
Simple.. do two things (which I personally follow)
  1. copy popular posts titles in your niche (and tweak them to make it even more better than the older one)
  2. or work on creating 5 to 7 headlines for the same post (and choose the best one – you can use the remaining titles in the sub headings, so don’t worry about time being wasted!)

Not having these 3 goals before diving in.

  1. Relationships
  2. subscribers
  3. links
Tell me buddy what do you want from the above?
For me: I want ALL!
Lets face this. Why on earth anyone could probably blogging? Either for money or to gain online reputation right?
Have a goal before writing a guest post for someone else.

You’re just rehashing the content. 

This is probably the dumbest mistake of all.
It may work in the small blogs, you can rehash it however you want. But it’ll never (ever) work on the top blogs. You’ve to give them something unique.
What’s in it for their readers?
Why should some read your blog post when your topic has already covered somewhere?

You don’t follow EIE rule 

  • Entertain
  • Inform
  • Educate
Have you ever thought why most of the guest posts are being generic everywhere?
Reason is this..
They’re considering guest posting as okay-I-should-be-serious mentality.
Who the hell said that you should be seriously teaching the readers in your guest posts? Entertain them. Show them something unique and make them laugh. When you push their “fun trigger’ – no doubt your [your sweet name please] guest posts go viral.

You’re ignoring the oxygen of guest posts – Proof reading

I recently saw few mistakes on a top blog’s guest post, full stops have used somewhere, using ‘or’ instead of ‘are’ etc
Can you guess my feelings at that time? Okay cool down.. chill
Everyone will hate reading an erroneous post. Be sure you’re proof reading your guest posts. Check them thrice, even four times after finishing the final draft.
Undoubtedly proof reading is one of the best things you can do to make your guest posts error free.
Pro tip: Read out loud your content, yes do it this time or take a print out of your posts. Read it offline, I’m sure you’ll edit at least few sentences!

You’re following this strategy perfectly – write, submit and ignore.

Why the hell should you care about promoting your guest posts and responding to comments?
If you want to reap the rewards from guest blogging, make sure you’re spending some time to promote the content with your network and responding to important comments.
By doing this, you’re certainly creating great impression on their readers (not to say how happy would the host author if you respond to comments in a professional way!)

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Every blog has some style – follow their writing style instead of yours!

What I still think is: follow your host blog’s writing style.
Let me clear this..
If someone’s writing a guest post for you; how would you react if they submit long blocks of content when you mostly use short and appealing paragraphs?
Your reaction could be like this..

What I personally learnt from my guest blogging journey is this: unless you’re already grabbing more people attention with your writing, don’t use your own writing style, instead, observe your host blog’s writing style and follow it.
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