5 May 2019

7 Ways to Attract More Comments On Your Next Guest Post

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7 Ways to Attract More Comments On Your Next Guest Post

In attracting the women, the 3 most important words are… listen, listen, listen!
In attracting more comments, weguess it would be.. the following 7 tips!
Below are the 7 effective ways we personally used to get more comments on guest posts.
You’ll also find the live examples including the killer tips to attract more comments.
Share your tips in the comments section if you want to add any.

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How to attract more comments on your guest posts?

1. Observe their last 10 to 15 posts

  • Make a list of 2 to 3 posts [which you’re REALLY interested in]
  • Also make a list of 2 to 3 posts [which got more comments, likes and shares]
  • Now, combine both the lists & come up at least with 2 posts. Choose the best among them and pitch that post to the blog owner :)

2. Make sure your introduction is short and TEMPTING

The second most important factor after headlines that’s make readers love your post is this: killer introduction.
we're very concerned writing introduction lines. we don’t love to read those posts which start with generic lines.
Because they play a vital role in hooking the readers with your content.
3 tips to write tempting introduction lines to attract more comments on your next guest post..
  1. Start with a quote (make sure it’s relevant and catchy)
  2. Start with a wicked line (this will confuse readers minds, thus leads to read them further!)
  3. Start with a question (by doing this, you’re making readers stick to your content from the beginning itself)

3. Talk  more about benefits, not features

Write actionable tips
Writing actionable tips on your guest posts is the simplest way to attract more comments.
Your readers should apply the tips immediately after reading your post. This is what makes others to comment.

4. End with a killer call to action (CTA)

No matter if we use Call to actions at the end of posts on this blog or not.. but we definitely use CTA’s in every guest post we write.
Because we need more interaction at the end of the post, and we know having an effective CTA can do that for me. Yes.. call to actions attract more comments. Your readers will love to take action when they find your post useful. It’s your responsibility to making them take some action. When you want to attract more comments on your guest post – simply ask them to share their views about the post.
This makes them to comment. Got it?

5. Be the first person to comment on your own guest post

May be no one has talked about this strategy before..
So lets call this as.. “Robin’s commenting tip” ;)
The strategy is so simple…
Don’t wait for others to comment on your guest post.. You leave the first comment either by thanking the blog owner for publishing it or adding some more spice to the post. This makes more people to leave a comment on your post. Trust us this thing works! we’ve done it already!

6. Attract more comments by responding to everyone

There’s no need to explain this tip.. respond to everyone. This not only makes an increase your comment count, but it also sends other readers that they’ll get a reply from the blog author! That’s really real KEY to get more comments and engagement.

7. You tell me, I’ll listen now! 

Now it’s your turn.. we’ll pick the best tip from the comment section and we’ll  try to include it here in time.

So tell us know.. how do you attract more comments?
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