28 March 2020

Best WordPress Security Plugins To Make Blog Secure

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Best WordPress Security Plugins To Make Blog Secure

Nowadays WordPress is the most popular blogging platform ever used as it has a variety of features including thousands of plugins, thousands of themes and easy to be controlled. WordPress has been used by many famous blogs including famous TV channels and newspapers including international magazines. The problem is that WordPress is getting hacked more than the usual websites do, there are several reasons behind it by which we have listed Best WordPress Security Plugins below which would help you to be secured from hackers and keep your blog safe and active. These plugins are surely reviewed by many of its users and we’ve listed them according to their features and capabilities.

In past years we have seen many of zero-day exploits have been released by which thousands of websites got hacked, the vulnerabilities were not only discovered in WordPress but also the famous themes and plugins which were installed on more than half of the WordPress blogs. If you’re an administrator and runs your own blog then you should keep your WordPress blog updated as new releases contains patches for the the security vulnerabilities which were discovered in earlier versions.

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 Best WordPress Security Plugins

1. WordFence

It is one of the most popular security plugins which is used and trusted by millions of WordPress users. This plugin scans each and every file uploaded on your server for virus infection, it claims that it makes your site 50 times faster and secure than it was. To make your blog faster it uses Falcom caching engine, This plugin is actually free but it includes of some features which are paid. If you can afford its premium features then do buy them as they are useful.

This plugin also gives protection against brute force attacks and enables two step authentication process via SMS. It also have a firewall to block traffic coming from specific country or block fake traffic, bots and scanners. It also scans your posts and comments and scans them to find malicious code and remove it, as search engines also avoid ranking sites which are compromised and have malicious code or file. If ti finds some file, post or comment with malicious code so it immediately sends an email notification regarding the issue.

2. Bullet-Proof Security

It is another famous WordPress plugin which helps you to secure your blog enough only by its free version, it also have pro version but free one is enough to be secure. It includes of built-in file editing like editing .htaccess file. You just need to activate it and relax. It will scan known vulnerabilities and If it find any then will notify admin with it, it keeps itself updated with latest known vulnerabilities and according to exploits and vulnerabilities which get discovered and It also limits log-in attempts and blocks the I.P address of user who log-in several times without pauses by same I.P address. It also optimizes your blog using its caching system and It scans every site for the famous vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF Injection and many others.

3. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is a plugin for WordPress which is made by famous website security and auditing company Sucuri. This plugin protects your site from DOS attack, Zero Day vulnerabilities, brute force attacks and common vulnerabilities. It’s free version provides lots of features like file integrity monitoring, malware scanning, and others. It also logs all activities made so when your site compromises so the logs are saved on Sucuri’s cloud storage and when something wrong happens so it notifies you immediately.

You may purchase its pro version as Sucuri is a famous team full of experts so it would advice you better and help you to make your online business or your blog to be more securer than ever.

4. iThemes Security (formerly better WP Security)

It is also an awesome WordPress security plugin which provides 30+ ways to protect your blog, only by installing it and activating this plugin you can make your site safe from known vulnerabilities and it limits log-in attempts to avoid brute force attacks and hide admin log-in area so its hard to find the main admin panel from where they can log-in even if they get the log-in details. It also forces the registered WP users to choose a secure password and change their passwords after a period of time. Same like others it also provides two step authentication to make your site more secure and safe from hackers.

It also integrates with Google reCAPTCHA to avoid comment spam on your blog.

5. All in One WP Security & Firewall

It is another famous plugin used for securing WordPress blog from various common vulnerabilities, it denies bad query strings, prevents from XSS and other known vulnerabilities. It hides admin log-in area and almost prevents from brute force attacks. It monitors files uploaded on server and immediately reports admin if any change is made to the files. It also monitors the users registered on WordPress, logs their log-in date time, I.P and username. It strongly forces users to choose a secure password and it also monitors their all activities.

It also allows to setup schedule backups which would be sent to you by email and if someone tries brute force attack after finding your admin log-in area so he would get locked and this plugin would send an email to the administrator regarding the I.P of the user who was trying to brute force the log-in area. This plugin also helps you to reduce comment spam.

6. 6Scan Security

This plugin is same as others, it secures your site from various security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, CSRF injection, Remote File Inclusion, Cross Site Scripting, Directory traversal and DOS attack, including others which are in OSAWP top ten vulnerabilities.

The best feature of the plugin which makes it unique is the auto-fixer, If this plugin finds any of the vulnerability existing in your WordPress blog so it will automatically apply fix to secure your blog and notify you about it in your email. It will keep the administrator updated with any action it takes, including the auto-fixing feature and scanning.

Additional Security Advises

The first thing I would say would be that keep your WordPress installation updated as the new releases are actually the patches for the Zero-Day vulnerabilities or the exploits which were discovered in their previous version, including Plugins, Themes and WordPress itself.

Never use Nulled themes, plugins because they consists of malicious code embedded in it, and then search engine would avoid indexing your site. Download themes and plugins from trusted source, usually WordPress official site and if you can afford a premium theme then go for paid than applying free theme on your blog, and same advice for plugins as well.

Don’t ever use username as ‘admin’ because it is the most common, and the first try that attacker tries to do. Thanks to the plugins which we’ve listed above, they wouldn’t let brute force work anymore.
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