14 June 2020

5 Tips to Improve Your Blog

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Lately, I’ve been working really hard to get more conversion rates on this blog.
I’m spending countless hours to know the best user experience on websites.
Good news is, you don’t need to waste countless hours like me to know those simple tweaks. Go through this article – I’ll give you top notch blog tips to improve your blog.


Use and Implement Categories

 For readers visiting your blog via search or links from other sites, clear navigation can keep them browsing the site instead of bouncing if they don’t see the information they need right away. Adding categories to your blog posts (and a “Categories” widget on the sidebar of your blog) that are relevant to your audience is one way to add clarity. For TTH, categories might include “My Campsite Story” (personal stories) or “Expert Tips” (tips on kayaking, camping, etc.).

Consider The Options for Sharing

Currently, readers can share blog posts on TTH via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and email. However, if TTH finds that certain social channels get less play than others, it should tweak the options to suit its audience’s needs. Images are currently  pinnable on the blog, which is great, but having a “Pin” button in the “Share this” menu can be more obvious for the casual user. TTH currently uses pull quotes to break up its blog posts (which is a great way to make longer blog posts more visually interesting), but what about adding a “tweet this” option to make those quotes instantly shareable?

Showcase a Clutter-free Design

 Nothing sends your readers running faster than being greeted by a cluttered, tacky or spammy feel. Make a great first impression by with a stunning, clean and professional design and improve your website trust factor instantaneously.

Make Sure Your Content has Practical Utility

The time has come to ask yourself another simple but important question: What are the benefits from reading my post?

You have to understand the psychology of sharing. People share content to lift or to sustain their authority in the eyes of their audiences. While they are not the authors, they are the ones who found it and gave it away.

Perfect Your About Me page

This is the most frequently visited page of your blog after your home page. It also has the longest shelf life. It’s worth really looking at how others have done it, and then to make yours as professional and well thought out as possible. You certainly don’t want people bouncing off this page. They need to subscribe to updates then and there.

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