29 April 2016

NexusOS Releases New Information on Implementing Skype for Business

NexusOS, a UK based IT service provider, has released new information to assist businesses in making the move to Skype for Business. They address some of the most pertinent questions people may have, as well as providing a warning in terms of keeping security tight.

Skype for Business is becoming increasingly popular, and companies like Nexus Open Systems are seeing an increase in clients who require assistance with this system. Some find that their Skype software received an automatic upgrade, others are considering installing it themselves. All, however, seem to have five specific questions.

IT company www.nexusos.co.uk has released new information help address the most pertinent questions. As a company that provides both support and training for various IT systems, including Skype and other VOIP solutions, they have come across virtually every situation known to man. By data mining their own information, they have been able to identify the biggest issues their clients most often have to deal with.

The first is that staff are often unprepared to make the transition to Skype for Business. NexusOS is able to provide training and information to make the transition go by smoothly. They provide various pieces of advice in terms of resources that a company should have available first.
The second issue that businesses struggle with is implementation time. A representative from NexusOS says: “When businesses want something, they often want it now. But they have to make sure that they do it right instead. We are there to help them set up a strategic action plan for a good transition.”
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14 April 2016

How to Download Videos From Facebook?

How to Download Videos From Facebook
Is your Internet is not working proper or you hate Facebook’s video interface and you are unable to download the videos from Facebook then You don’t have to suffer anymore. There are different fast and easy ways through which you can download videos from Facebook. After downloading You will be able to watch those videos on any interface you like, and most importantly, offline. Many people who are using IDM or Internet download manager are often confuse about the fact that IDM can not download Facebook videos, Everyone knows that IDM can download YouTube and other videos from different sharing websites. You can also download videos through other download managers easily whether you’re using a Windows Computer, or a Mac, with these download managers you can even download entire video playlists. If you are unaware of how to download Facebook videos? then after reading this article, you will. Please note that many Facebook videos have various privacy settings. So after reading this post You can download your own videos along with those which are posted by others as public on Facebook.

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Download Videos From Facebook

Have you ever wished to save or download a Facebook video shared by your friends? With Facebook becoming increasingly popular, it is obvious that you get to see lot of interesting videos getting shared quite often. Some of the videos are embedded via Youtube while others are native Facebook videos.So let us see some cool options to download Facebook videos too.

  • Download Facebook Video without Software.

  1.  Open the page that has the video you want to download and before you play the video, check the url address of it where it shows https://www.facebook.com/……..so change it to http://m.facebook.com/…. that means replace www with m.
  2. After this, load the page by refreshing it and you will see it in mobile view which is done by Facebook.
  3. Then finely play the video on Facebook wall and while playing it right click on the video and choose the "save video" option.

Very simple isn’t it? For this method you will not need any software or complicate steps just simply do the above step by step and enjoy. But the problem with this method is that the quality of the video gets reduced because the video has been converted to mobile but for high quality video you can choose the next following option.

  •  Download Facebook Videos with Online App

Perhaps the easiest way to download Facebook videos is via DownFacebook. It is an online service which doesn’t require you to download or install anything. All you need is your web browser with Flash Player installed and an internet connection. It provides you with two-ways to download videos from Facebook – one, by pasting the URL of the Facebook video you want to download in the box or two, by simply appending “down” before Facebook in the URL.

Services similar to DownFacebook include Facebook Video Downloader, KeepVid and Keep-tube whose services are not consistent enough for me to recommend.

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31 March 2016

How Cell Phone Trackers Are Turning into a Menace


How Cell Phone Trackers Are Turning into a MenaceWhen cell phone trackers were first introduced, they seemed like a huge step forward as people were able to keep an eye on their loved ones. However, lately things have taken the turn for the worse. Partners are using it to secretly keep tabs on each other’s communications and whereabouts, random stalkers are using them to pry into people’s personal interactions, and employers are using it to peek into the private lives of their employees. The way things are going in today’s day and age, cell phone trackers are beginning to draw a lot of criticism and again being regarded as a menace, a reputation they took years to shed.

No Privacy Whatsoever

Cell phone trackers come with a ton of features that enable users to keep tabs on someone’s calls, SMS, social media activities, web browsing, emails, pictures, videos, location, and plenty of other stuff. That’s pretty much everything that’s possible to get hold off through someone’s smartphone. So what happened to privacy? Sadly, it doesn’t exist anymore. Ironically, the very people who are close to you and who you trust are often the ones who make use of these tools to rip your privacy to shreds.
Previously, this trend wasn’t so common, but now that cell phone tracking apps like mobistealth.com are gaining prominence on the web, more and more people have begun investing on them. The regard for others’ privacy has been completely lost. The only thing that seems to matter to people now is information, irrespective of whether they’re entitled to that information or not, or if their means of getting that information is within moral and ethical boundaries.

Going Under the Radar No Longer an Option

Previously, your movement could only be tracked through GPS. To get off the grid, all you had to do was to switch off your cell phone’s GPS feature. Unfortunately, that luxury is no longer available. Your location can now be determined through Wi-Fi access points and SMS. As soon as you connect to a Wi-Fi network, cell phone trackers pick up the coordinates of your device’s location and upload it online. Same is the case with SMS. As soon as you send or receive a text, these trackers get a feed on your location. The bottom line is you just can’t hide from the eagle eye of cell phone trackers anymore.

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Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs An App

Five reasons why your business needs an app

With the advent of online technologies it’s incredibly important for any business to keep up with the prevailing tech trends. As well as having a relevant and up-to-date website, many businesses are also seeking to cater to their audiences with an increasingly sophisticated selection of apps.

From online gaming sites offering apps for increased functionality, to eCommerce sites that provide a greater customer service experience, here are examples of the five reasons why an app is essential for any business that wants to succeed in the 21st century.

1. Instant notifications

Rather than relying on the more passive browser-based web experience, many apps such as the eBay app offer a notification feature that can be incredibly important for snapping up a bargain. By being able to receive notifications regarding messages, time alerts and relevant new listings, the eBay app perfectly illustrates how apps can become a lot more personal.

2. Immersive experience

The Betway casino gaming app provides another example of how apps can be so much better than browsers for certain tasks. This is because the app manages to effectively implement the different styles and graphics of over 90 different casino games into one mobile-friendly package that streamlines the 21st century gaming experience.

3. Real-time promotions

Being able to instantly change prices and inform potential customers of new promotions is a massively helpful part of any campaign. And Nectar have realised this through their app which features new weekly special offers delivered to the subscriber’s handset that perfectly energises the already-receptive audience.

4. Getting social

Although popular music services such as Spotify have enjoyed phenomenal success though the streaming facilities offered by their app, the social functions enjoyed by their audience has undoubtedly been intrinsic to the firm’s success. By allowing users to share playlists, comment on each other selections and easily implement the feature into other platforms into Facebook and Twitter, it just goes to show how a well-designed app can succeed through the power of sociability.

5. Unbeatable convenience

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16 March 2016

Why It's Important to Localize Your App


If your app’s a success in your home market, then the chances are it has the potential to be just as popular in international markets. So why limit your market share with just one version of your app? The app market is phenomenally large – predicted to reach US$77 billion by 2017; and more than half of the world’s mobile subscribers are based in Asia/Pacific.

Added to that the growing demand for smartphone technology in developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you only offer your app at home, then you’re greatly limiting your potential for future growth and profit.

Be More Than Just Available

Being available in the Appstore in different countries is just the first step. Your app needs to be localized to your target audience in different countries. What does that mean? That your texts need to be translated, your source code needs to be worked on and, like your local SEO; your ASO (app store optimization) needs to use local search terms and keywords to increase your visibility in the App Store and appeal to customers in different markets.

Deliver the Right Message

Localizing your app will make sure that you deliver the right message to the right people, and by correctly choosing the app name, logo and using keywords in the description and title, you’ll increase your visibility and download rate. Make sure that you study your audience carefully so that you know if there’s a realistic demand for your app in the places you want to launch it.

Internationalize Your App’s Code

If you already have your app launched, then internationalization will most likely require that you adjust your software to ensure that it takes regional formats into account. It will be easier to plan for internationalization of your app’s source code in the introductory stages so that you can get it written to be multiple languages friendly.

Check Out the Competition

After you’ve profiled your audience and gotten your app’s texts translated and localized, be sure to conduct a competitive analysis to see what competing companies are doing. You may need to change the color of your app’s icon or certain features for different markets, and checking out what your peers are doing is always a good benchmark. Not to copy, but to improve on or learn from.

While you may not have a budget for app localization, or may not think you have a budget for app localization, with 95% of the world’s population subscribed to mobile phones, even if your app is in its infancy, the potential for future profits will by far outweigh the cost, positioning your app for global success.

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