2 August 2015

Best 5 Alternatives to Facebook

Some Alternatives to Facebook
Recently Google launched Google plus social networking site which is seen as a good alternative to Facebook, but from our experience it can’t be a really Facebook killer. Google plus is indeed a very useful social-networking site, but a normal (non-tech) user might not find Google plus to be as interesting as we find it as a blogger. Anyhow, we thought of creating a list of those Social-netwworking site which are best alternatives to Facebook, and you can pick one according to your usage pattern.

It is also necessary in the current lifestyle to know more about the ways to socialize with people, because social networking is no more only about good pastime. It is recently becoming a source for employers to find out those skills, qualities and best interests, in a person, that doesn’t usually show up in the corporate offices or job interviews, thus helping them to find the right candidate for a job. Especially this trend is very prominent for online artists, who exhibit their artistic skills on the internet and earn well from it, all through the social media interaction.

Here, in this article, are some social networking sites of various kinds, which are slowly growing to fame. They have their own notable differences from Facebook or Myspace, and it’s time for you to take a look at them and consider getting yourself an account.

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Diaspora aims to be a distributed network, where totally separate computers connect to each other directly, will let us connect without surrendering our privacy. We call these computers ‘seeds'. A seed is owned by you, hosted by you, or on a rented server. Once it has been set up, the seed will aggregate all of your information: your facebook profile, tweets, anything. We are designing an easily extendable plugin framework for Diaspora, so that whenever newfangled content gets invented, it will be automagically integrated into every seed.


TrustWorks is a software company that enables private conversations within enterprise and social networks.  When a user needs assistance on any personal or business matter, the system sends a confidential message to one member of the community who has the relevant knowledge.  This contrasts the “news feed” model of Facebook, where users read as much or as little as they choose; it also contrasts the “email to all” model of LinkedIn Answers, which sends questions to many people.  For matters that are too sensitive to broadcast, or which require immediate responses, one-on-one communications get a faster and safer response.


webNetwork lets anyone start their own social networking community site with profiles, pictures, videos, music, events, and more. The software is fully template based, so you can change the look and feel of the site to make it stand out from others. It runs on your own server (which can be provided by Web Scribble), meaning you own that data, and no one else.


SNABBO is a free-to-use social networking website created expressly for the Baby Boomer generation. The name “Snabbo” is an acronym for Social Network Allowing Baby Boomers Only. Driven by nostalgia for the “good old days”, members are encouraged to use a photograph taken any time during the 1940's through the 1980's as their Profile page picture. The more information members provide about their past, the more likely someone can rediscover them. A member may list other names they have been known as during their lifetime. For example, you might have been known as Margaret Smith in elementary school, Maggie Smith in high school, Tootsie Smith in college and finally Meg Eldringhoff when you got married. Members are also able to list (with corresponding years) towns they grew up in, schools they attended, companies they have worked for, military service and organizations they have joined. Snabbo's “Find Friends” feature is able to successfully search for a person even if all you can remember is their nickname when you knew them in elementary school.


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24 July 2015



Today, with the advancement in technology and use of internet, more and more people are using this service to perform various errands. From shopping and paying online bills to booking tickets, now everything can be achieved with the power of internet. Mobile phone works on two things: battery and money. Without recharge, you cannot use mobile for calling or internet purposes.
This recharge is often done regularly as it tends to finish depending upon its usage. Earlier you would have to manually visit a recharge shop to get your recharge done, but with the passage of time recharge vendors are now replaced by applications. These applications like “Mobikwik” are connected securely with your bank account and allow easy transaction of online mobile rechargeto your phone with few clicks.
Just install the app and attach your bank account. This will give you access to add money to your number with ease and perfection. From internet pack to distant calling, you can do any type of recharge to your mobile with few clicks.


Below mentioned are a few tried and tested ways with which you can save money while you fill your mobile with money-
There are many offers and deals available for users who use online applications like “Mobikwik” for their regular recharge. Offers like cash back and buy 1 get 1 free are readily available, which the user must use in order to save money while they do their recharge.
Mobikwik like applications allow users to get an instant recharge, but making a permanent account is always recommended. This will allow you to save credits and use it while you do your recharges.
Big mobile recharge services provide virtual wallets that hold your money securely and you can further use it. You can use this wallet for various uses like mobile recharge or shopping. If you use this platform to pay your online bills, you will be able to collect credits that you will earn during your shopping spree.
Do your online shopping using your recharge app. This will allow you to collect credits and use offers and various deals. This will help you to save a lot of money and will save you time.

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Using your virtual wallet and online shopping platform means that you will be able to collect credits. These are the points that you collect while you do your purchases from online store or get your mobile recharged. You can redeem these credits and get incredible discounts on various products.
Mobikwik is an online recharge that provides services like BSNL online recharge or other bill payment options. With this, you can easily pay your bills from the solace of your home. Join hands with seventeen million users across India and feel the power of internet.

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20 July 2015

The Future of House Viewings


Real estate is a consistently evolving market and it appears that even the way that real estate agents show properties for sale to potential buyers is evolving too. Traditionally, you would arrange a time and date to view a property in person but now many house viewings are actually being conducted online.

Estate agents can host an online viewing streaming session at a specified time and date. During this time, the agent will walk viewers through the property, answering any questions submitted by viewers along the way. This type of house viewing has proved very successful for one Cambridgeshire property director Simon Bradbury, who started broadcasting open house events in early 2015 using his tablet. He says he was “blown away” by the success of the online house viewings, with lots of people tuning in to look at the properties and ask questions.

Rather than hosting an online streaming house viewing at a particular time and date, many property agents are posting virtual tours of the home, featuring views of each room and element of the house from various different angles, including 360 degree views. Such virtual tour videos are also becoming popularly used at house auctions too. To prevent just anyone from viewing the virtual tour, many estate agents require a viewer to register on their site and log in to watch the virtual tour. There are several types of software to facilitate virtual property tours.

In an increasingly competitive market, real estate agents must adapt to the needs of the customer to survive. Busy schedules mean that arranging a time and date that suits both parties to view a property is very difficult. Hence an online session is a much more flexible option enabling real estate agents to potentially show and sell properties a lot quicker. We know from our sell house fast offering how the speed of a sale is a very important factor for clients.

Before someone travels to view a property in person, they may want to see more evidence that the property is as described other than a few online images. A virtual tour or online viewing allows them to see a property in more detail before they commit to taking time out of their schedule to view the property in person.

For estate agents, online viewings are a much more cost effective option. They can take several potential buyers through the property at once and reduce the need for an agent to consistently travel over and back to the property to show to potential buyers.

The next time you organise a house viewing, don’t be surprised if you are sent a link to a virtual tour or online viewing session rather than given the traditional time, date and place of address!

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14 July 2015

How to Find a Good Topic For Your Blog

Although it's not as trendy as it was a few years ago, blogging is still a preferred pastime or source of income for many. It is arguable if blogging is still a viable revenue generating activity today, but it has its benefits. Writing a journal, no matter if it's online or in real life, has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and can even help you make new friends and possibly even explore new experiences in life. But right now let's focus on blogging as a profession.

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For a successful blog - which means that it generates revenue not just
enough to sustain itself, but also its writer, that would be you - has
to be focusing on a certain niche. There were times when generalist
bloggers could make a living off their blog, but those times are gone
- except for a few A-listers, no blog without a well defined topic can
generate notable revenues. So, first off you have to decide what you
want to write about. It can be fishing or shoemaking, 
royal vegas online casino games or dating advice for expats, the choice is

Speaking of choice - there are two ways you can approach choosing the
right topic for your blog.

One of them (which I consider the wrong one) is choosing a niche by
the potential revenue generated by it. There are three major niches
you can choose from if you go with this approach: health, wealth and
romance. These cover about 90% of what you can find blogs about
online. Health covers everything from diets to workout, wealth covers
investments, money saving tips, FOREX and everything else money
related, while romance includes everything from self improvement to
dating tips and clothing advice.

Why do I say this is the wrong approach? Well, for one, the secret to
the success of a blog is for it to provide relevant, up to date and
accurate information. Choosing a topic just for its potential to
generate revenue does not mean that you have the expertise to provide
the above, meaning that your blog might not be relevant enough (or at
all) for readers to come and stick to it.

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The other way is the exact opposite: choosing a niche in which you
have something extra to offer. It is always the best to write about
something you know a great deal about - or you are passionate about.
And if the information you share is original, relevant and valuable,
readers will come. And that's what you can build long term success

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