12 May 2017

Social Media Addiction is Difficult to Quit than Alcohol !

May 12, 2017
Social Media Addiction is Difficult to Quit than Alcohol !

Are you suffering from social media addiction ? You must have asked this question yourself sometime or other. If not, in future you will definitely. A recent study conducted in USA suggests that social media addiction is much more difficult to quit than cigarette and alcohol. I will tell you in this article – How to test yourself, you are suffering from social media addiction ? And, how to quit or rehabilitate yourself from social media addiction ?

Depression, insomnia, weight gain, irritation and lethargy are the main side effects of social media addiction in short term. In the long run it can lead to hypertension, obesity and psychosis.

Social media addiction – Self test

Ask yourself the following set of question and for every “ Yes ” give yourself 20 marks out of 100. If you secure > 60%, then you are definitely addicted to social media.
Do you have strong urge to
  • Check your Email more than twice a day
  • Update your twitter status more than once a day
  • Check your Facebook account more than once a day
  • Read your favorite blogs more than once a day
  • Access any of the above things in the midnight

Why social media is more addictive than cigarette and alcohol ?

  • Ease of reach or easy availability
  • Cheap or cost no money at all
  • Accepted as normal in society
  • Fashion statement for youngsters
  • False sense of security, of being connected with online friends

How to quit social media addiction ?

  • Try to make few good and trust worthy offline friends
  • Engage yourself with your favorite hobby in free time
  • Follow a strict time table or routine to access internet using a PC or mobile
Social media addiction steals a lot of time from our life. Using social media judiciously, we not only save precious time but also prevent the ill effects of it
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26 April 2017

5 Best CDN WordPress Plugins

April 26, 2017
5 Best CDN WordPress Plugins

Do you use CDN for your WordPress blog ? If your answer is no, then this article is for you. You have a WordPress blog. You are working hard for it, right ? Imagine, one fine morning your blog is featured on the front page of StumbleUpon. Within hours 1000s of visitors rushed to your WordPress blog. Now tell me “ Are you prepared enough to receive that much of visitors on your blog with a limited bandwidth ? ” Most probably, your answer is ‘ no ’. To avoid this awkward situation you should use CDN for your WordPress blog, preferably with a WordPress plugin. I will tell you the 5 best CDN WordPress plugins and few of them are free of cost.

Contrary to the popular belief CDN is not only meant for high traffic blogs. CDN is extremely essential for low traffic blogs also by helping your blog page loading in shortest possible time from servers located in all the corners of the World.

What is CDN ?

CDN or Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network is a service which makes the static content of your blog (Java Script,Images,Videos,CSS) load much faster on visitor’s browser.

How CDN Works ?

CDN is a collection of servers located at different places and countries, all over the World. Whenever a visitor hits your blog, the CDN serves the static page/data from the nearest possible server, there by making the page loading blazing fast. When multiple visitors visit your blog from different countries, it serves the static page/data from different servers placed at different parts of the World, there by reducing the load on a single or particular server.

Best CDN WordPress Plugins

1. MaxCDN: One of the best WordPress plugin for CDN. I personally like this CDN plugin, out of five. This is not a free plugin. This cost only US$ 39.95 for the 1st TB (terabite) or 1000 GB. Approximate Calculation: If your blog traffic is 60,000/month, then it will last for more than 18 months. There is no monthly or yearly fee. If you are not satisfied with MaxCDN’s performance, then you can ask for your money within 30 days under the 100% money-back guarantee offer.

2. CloudFlare: The WordPress plugin for CloudFlare ( free ) works wonderfully. The paid version cost US$ 20/month with advance security feature. If your blog traffic is 50,000/month or more then you should go for paid version. If your blog is getting less traffic and you are looking for a free CDN service then you should go for the free version.

3. Amazon Cloudfront CDN: This CDN is from the reputed brand Amazon. And, its reliable. Amazon Cloudfront is a paid service. You have to pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee per month.

4. WP Super Cache: A great free CDN WordPress plugin available. Simply install the plugin and after making some configuration your blog is ready to cater heavy traffic.

5. W3 Total Cache: Another free CDN WordPress plugin which amazingly decreases page load time of your WordPress blog. Install the plugin, configure and you are done.

CDN is a must for all grades (traffic volume) of WordPress blogs. And, WordPress plugin for CDN is the best way to use the CDN service. Whether you should go for paid or free version depends on your blog traffic volume.
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7 Steps to Start an Instagram Marketing Campaign From Nothing

April 26, 2017

Instagram the popular image sharing social app was launched in 2010, and since then the app has maintained a reputation in improving every day. Instagram has been on a complete rise since its introduction. The app started with a few users using it and of with no much value, but today Instagram is among the top social networking platforms, and it is the second best platform just after Facebook. The app has developed so much in the previous two years, and if you take a look at statistics, Instagram has around 600 million active users, which indeed is a huge number.
Instagram has attracted so many people from around the world on the internet, and there is no doubt that you will able to find any audience on this social networking app. With a user base this big, Instagram is clearly providing a huge opportunity for marketing here. You can use Instagram for promoting your business and brand very effectively. Today in the age of social media the idea of social media marketing is on the peak.
If you are looking to run a business and you want to make sure that your business gets the best success, then you must be marketing it online on social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr are among the top social networking sites that are offering excellent marketing tools. With a user base of 600 million users, if you will be able to capture a fraction of Instagram users, you could make huge profits. Instagram is the second best website for social media networking.
If you take a look at Instagram today you will see more than 50% of brands are taking advantage of social media networking from the platform. You must be thinking that how you could start a marketing campaign on Instagram.
To start, here is a step by step process which can help you to start a new Instagram marketing campaign for your business.

1# Find what you have to offer and how you are going to do it

If you are looking to run a successful marketing campaign on Instagram and you want to approach the process systematically, then you will need to know that what the first and most important step is. The first step in starting a marketing campaign is not making your Instagram account, download the app or to start uploading pictures. The first step is to find out your niche. There are a lot of people using Instagram and millions of accounts are out there, so if you want to stand out among all those accounts and want to be successful, you have to provide something unique and valuable. So find out your niche immediately and make sure that you know your target audience well and you know how to approach them. Also, make sure you develop your own strategy and do not steal anyone else’s strategy.

2# Claim your own Instagram account

So getting starting for and Instagram marketing campaign and after finding out your niche, your goals and how you are going to run your marketing campaign. The next step is making your own Instagram business account. You can either go for a personal Instagram account or for a branded corporate Instagram account. In most of the cases, a personal brand account is better so go for it. To start, download the application first and sign up on Instagram. Make sure that the username you will be suing is short, unique and is related to your business. Then add the information that is needed on your profile and start adding the relevant posts to make your profile look good. Make sure you add the right information and your website link in the bio. Use a profile picture that is related to you completely, it could be your logo as well. Also, connect any other social media accounts you have with your Instagram.

3# Post anything new at least once every day

After setting up your Instagram account completely and starting to post pictures the next step you need to take care of is to make sure that you posting content that is interesting enough. Keep posting your pictures related to your business every day. While posting the pictures you need to make sure that you do not bore your audience so the trick here is that try to post something new and unique every day. So you will have to great creative with your posts every day. Posting pictures are very important and you need to make sure you are posting them in balance. Do not try to post too much, or do not skip posting too much. So make sure that you are adding creativity to your posts and are making them attractive.

4# Attract initial followers

Now when you have started your Instagram account up and you are doing some very good posting next step you need to do will be to gather initial followers for your business Instagram account. If you are functioning as a personal brand and you have an account on Facebook as well you will be allowed to follow users on Instagram and by doing that you can get more followers, because the people you follow many of them will return the favor. You can also ask people to follow you or you can build a following on your niche. You can also use Vibbi.com to buy Instagram likes. Vibbi helps you get followers in the easiest way.

5# Add perfection to your photography and hashtag

In order to run a good Instagram marketing campaign after following all these steps, you will have to do the best with your photos and hashtags. It is crucial that what you are posting on your account. You do not need to be a professional photographer in order to post good photos. Just click your pictures in simple ways and add the right filters to them. Also, make sure that you use the right hashtags. Find out the most trending related hashtags and use them in your posts. Do not over do the hashtag thing and make sure you are being precise about it.

6# Go after people in your niche

While running your Instagram marketing campaigns try to go after people of your niche on Instagram. You can go after Instagram users of your niche and follow them as this will get you more followers related to your field. It will also help you in keeping a good eye on your competitors; you will be able to know what they are up to and what are they doing. This can help you improve our strategies as well.  There is no better way of improving your following by directly engaging with your target audience.

7# Engage as much as possible

It is the fundamental goal of any marketing campaign to engage with the audience. Use your Instagram business account to engage with your audience as much as possible. It is necessary to keep your followers engaged, informed and entertained. You can keep your connection with your audience in many ways. You can follow them and get their response, you can like their posts and comments, you can share their posts, you can engage them in contests, and you can give them feedback. So try to engage more, and after following these 7 steps, your Instagram marketing campaign will surely start picking up success.
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24 April 2017

An Ultimate Guide on CDN from Jodihost

April 24, 2017

We are getting tons of requests for a detailed tutorial on how to speed up your WordPress blog. In the past presentations, we have stressed a whole lot about CDN, but it still seems that we don’t clarify ourselves enough. Many beginners still don’t understand what CDN is because we are constantly asked with the question, “Would I still need hosting if I get a CDN?”. This is partially our fault for not making things clear. It was brought to our attention that every time we have written about CDN, we always ignore the basics. So in this article, we will make an attempt to explain what is a CDN, and why you need a CDN for your WordPress blog.edgecast cdn is one of cheapest cdn provider

What is a CDN?

CDN is short for Content Delivery Network which is a network of servers that deliver cached static content from websites to users based on the geographic location of the user. Pretty confusing eh? Let’s break it down in simpler words.
Normally when a user comes to your WordPress blog, they are redirected to your web host’s server . Your web host’s server is located at a central location i.e Houston, TX. So every user on your website is accessing this one server to view your website. Now if you have high volume of traffic, then you can overload your server which leads to a slow loading site or even server crash. This is where a CDN comes in handy because it is a network of servers, but most importantly these servers are spread through out the world. When you use a CDN, your static content is cached and stored on all of these servers. Static content includes images, stylesheets (css files), javascripts, Flash, etc. Now when a user visits your site (original server), the CDN technology redirects them to the closest server to their location.
For example: If your main server is hosted in Houston, TX, and someone from Durham, England tries to access it, then they will be redirected to the closest server which may be in London. This limits the number of internet hops needed to transmit the static files to your end user.
User’s proximity to your web server has an impact on load time. By deploying your content across multiple geographically dispersed servers, you can make your pages load faster from the user’s perspective. This is when CDN comes in handy. In simple words, the closer the CDN server is to where your user is, the faster the user gets the content.

JoDiHost is a CDN dealer

JoDiHost is a CDN dealer who offers a lot of effective solutions, reasonable prices and excellent customer support. We aim at long-term, mutually beneficial partnership and render the best conditions for our clients:

  • An abundance of CDN solutions from EdgeCast company.
  • 24/7 client support available via Skype or live chat.
  • Pay-as-you-go system.
  • Various payment types.
  • No contracts.

With a CDN, you will ensure perfect speed of site loading, great users’ experience and total security of content. Order a suitable solution right now!

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Blog Post Writing – 11 Great Tips

April 24, 2017

Wanna write a great blog post and grab the social media attention by flurry of re-tweets, likes or StumbleUpon ? Or, want to list your blog post on the 1st page of Google and drive loads of traffic to your blog ? I will tell you 11 great tips – How to write a blog post which is not only SEO friendly but also the potential to go viral in social media.

Blog Post Writing – 1st Phase

1. Great and successful blog post always takes birth from offline. Take few sheets of white paper (3 to 4) and staple them or, you can use a notebook (meant for your blog).
2. Great blog post always requires a great mood and creative mindset. Writing a routine blog post to increase your blog content without a creative-mood is definitely no no ! To tune your creative mind to write a great blog post you should take inspiration from other things you like the most.
3. Your blog post should be within the niche of your blog. If you write a post unrelated to your blog topic then your search engine ranking will be suffered.
4. Keep ready the Online and Offline resources if any, for ready reference and linking (mention).

Blog Post Writing – 2nd Phase

5. Your blog post heading which remains in the “ H1 tag ” should be provocative enough to be clicked by the web surfers. Without a great heading your post can’t go viral in social media and blogosphere. Post heading is the visible part of SEO, which needs the attention of search engine users to be clicked.
6. Pen-down your article systematically with a great flights of thought and uncensored mind. Be careful, your blog post should not be lengthy enough to trigger the attention span of the reader. Blog post with approximately 500 characters are considered good. On the contrary, if your post is less than 250 characters then your ranking will be suffered in the search engine for thin content.
7. On-page SEO : Optimize your H1, H2, bold, italic and underline tags with a balanced ratio of keywords and content to squeeze out the maximum SEO juice to rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). As, meta keywords don’t play a big role in search engine algorithm these days, don’t invest much time for it. Focus on internal linking of your articles for better SEO and reader engagement. If required, never hesitate to link external sites for reference.
8. Visual Delight – Support your article with few images (at least 1) to make it visually appealing and easy to understand for blog readers. Optimize your image for better SE ranking.
9. No Excuse for Typos – Web surfers usually downgrade a blog or website mentally by finding typos and grammatical errors in the post. Check for spelling mistakes and grammar twice, before pressing the publish button. Otherwise, your blog readers will be reluctant to re-visit your blog in future.

Blog Post Writing – 3rd Phase

10. Promote your blog post in social media intelligently. Using proper description, tags and category you can make your blog post an instant hit on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg or StumbleUpon.
11. Follow up your blog readers comments timely and with a great care. Sometime you have to provide a solution to the commenter which is time consuming. And, sometime you just have to say “Thank you for the info ”.
This blog post was published in approximately 1hr and 40 minutes with a beautiful mindset. So, follow the above 11 tips for writing a great blog post and make it stand out in blogosphere and social media. Now, it’s your turn to add – tips for writing a great blog post.
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