11 September 2017

Tips for Buying the Best Noise Canceling Headphones for You

September 11, 2017

Noise canceling headphones can drastically improve your outlook of daily life, by simply protecting you from unnecessary noise that may cloud your inner peace. Using this kind of device can boost productivity, enhance your mood, and improve the quality of your audio listening.
Before going to the store and buying a pair of noise canceling headphones, the first thing you need to do is choose which one will best suit your needs. There are a lot of selections based on type, brand, and price range, but you should weigh out all the options first.
Here are some tips you can check out before buying yourself a new pair of noise canceling headphones:

Check compatibility with your devices

Whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop, or the latest wearable smart device, your gadget should be able to detect the headphone and be compatible with it. Note that some headphones are designed for specific gadgets, while other devices are very specific in terms of the headphone jack.

Pick a style that suits your taste

Be particular with the style of headphones that you will buy, as they come in different designs. While functionality is the number one concern, you can also express your personality through your choice of color, size, type, and method of wearing the device.
Make sure that you carefully check the overall design features so that you will know how different designs can affect your listening experience. While there are a lot of noise-canceling headphones with different specifications, you may also want to consider in-ear devices.

Compare audio quality

Audio quality is the total output that the headphones project in every listening experience. There are many good brands offering the best noise canceling headphones in the market, but make sure that you check the audio quality so you can weigh your options properly.
It would be helpful to read reviews and ask for your recommendations as well. If you have the luxury of time, it is also advisable to visit shops that sell headphones, so that you can test the devices yourself.

Check the need for batteries

You would not like it if you are in a long flight, only to find out later that your headphones’ battery is not enough to sustain the long hours. The thing about noise-canceling headphones is that aside from having an internal battery – which simpler headphones may not have – they can also quickly run out of battery.

It is highly recommended that you consider battery life as one of the first few concerns you should look into. In addition, check if the headphones can easily be charged—check the cable and charger that come with the device.

Compare prices of the best headphones in the market

Any gadget-lover will agree that one of the first accessories for laptops, smartphones, or tablets that you should get for yourself is a good pair of headphones. In fact, a pair of headphones is always present in the recommended list of gifts that any gadget lover will love.

After looking at all the factors for choosing the best noise canceling headphones, ask yourself if you are making the right investment. Noise canceling headphones do not come cheap, so it would really be helpful to explore the options and start comparing prices. That way, you get the best of both worlds – a high-quality pair of headphones at a fantastic price.
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6 September 2017

LogoJoy: Best free logo maker

September 06, 2017

Logo is always a unique piece of design that represents a brand or business. There was a time when most of the businesses were just typing there name to use as logo. But with the time logos are becoming attractive, People are using images, icons, signs and even alphabet to create awesome logos for their sites.
When it comes to get a free logo for your blog or business website, you need a reliable tool to create free logo for your blog.
Today I am going to share about a free logo maker which is not just a brand in logo making industry but also is the tool behind logos of sites like Techcrunch.

What is Logojoy:

Logojoy is online tool that not only help you generate free logo for your blog but also offer professional and paid services. Creating logo using logojoy is really easy and fun.
Till now millions of professionals has generated logos using this awesome tool.

How to generate logo using Logojoy:

Here are the few steps that you should follow to create free logo for your blog or website.
1) Go to Logojoy.com
2) Type name of your business or Alphabet that you want to use in “Business name” box and click on “Make Your logo” button.
3) Choose 5 designs that you want to try to create your logo and hit “Continue”.
4) In the next page, select the color theme that you want to use for your own logo.
5) In Next page, Enter the slogan or punchline.
6) Now you should select the icons you want to use in your logo designs and in register on Logojoy.com using your social network profile or email id.
7) Login to your logojoy account and you are ready to check the generated logos.

Now you see it is really easy to create free logo using LogoJoy. If you still have any question, Feel free to ask me.
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30 August 2017

WordPress Hosting Review for Informed Bloggers

August 30, 2017
WordPress Hosting Review for Informed Bloggers

WordPress has proved itself as the Best Blogging Platform in the blogosphere, and the demand for WordPress Hosting has been increasing exponentially, with each passing day.
I am going to present a WordPress Hosting Reviewfor bloggers to take informed decision while opting for such services.

Various options available for hosting a WordPress blog -

1. WordPress.com
On WordPress.com, you can host your blog for free, with a basic level of shared hosting. But you will get a sub-domain, like yoursite.wordpress.com.
If you want your own domain name, then it costs between US$ 18 to 25 per year.
Upgrading to WordPress Pro Bundle costs between US$ 99 to 166 per year. By upgrading, along with a domain name you will be able to upload audio and video, 10 GB extra space, no Ads and theme customization options.
A WordPress only Premium theme costs around US$ 70. Which is non-transferable if you choose to self-host at a latter date.
Automattic provides excellent security and back-up features for blogs hosted on WordPress.com.
Suitable for: Casual bloggers, who treat his blog as a personal diary without any intention of commercialization.
Cons: You can’t add plugins, themes and few other features, which are available for free on WordPress.org.
2. Self-Hosted
If you want to host your site yourself instead of WordPress.com, then there are plenty of Hosting Service Providers available at affordable rate.
But your site will be hosted on a shared server, along with other websites.
Few Best and Affordable Web hosting Service Providers are JustHost.com, HostGator.com,BlueHost.com and GoDaddy.com.
Self hosting is quite affordable and costs as little as US$ 2 Only.
Suitable for: Serious and Professional Blogger, who might consider blogging as his sole profession later on. Suitable for Casual Bloggers also for the freedom of using Plugins, Themes, Uploading audio/video, Theme customization etc.
Cons: Due to shared hosting you may experience slow uploading of your WordPress blog. You have to arrange your own security and back-ups.
3. Managed WordPress Hosting
This is just like self-hosted, but with the guidance and help of people who know WordPress better. They will take care everything, including security and back-up.
Suitable for: Established blog or large corporate Official Blog.
Cons: There is no cons except the high price. Affordable for high earning WordPress blogs or Corporate blogs, who seeks quality.
Are you happy with your WordPress Hosting Type? Share your experience in comments below
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18 August 2017

Cloud Hosting Services – Pros and Cons

August 18, 2017
Cloud Hosting Services – Pros and Cons

These days a large number of cloud hosting providers are present in the market and it is quite possible to push almost any type of online application and data with a cloud hosting plan.
But, before you start making use of cloud based hosting services for your online applications or websites, you need to understand the pros and cons of using such a service. This is because without understanding the ins and outs of a service you would not be able to use these services as efficiently as you would like.

Pros of Cloud Hosting Services

1. A cloud hosting solutions is the most flexible hosting solution that would find in the market. This is due to the fact that with a cloud hosting package you have access to unlimited resources and you can make use of those resources on the basis of whether you require them or not. This means that you can change your plan details without even informing your host.
2. A cloud hosting solution is a cheaper alternative when compared to traditional hosting solutions. This is due to the fact that you are charged for only the resources that you are using and are not charged for resources that have been allocated to you, something that happens in case of a traditional web hosting plan.
3. One of the best features of a cloud hosting solution is that it requires very little set up time. This is because of the fact that cloud servers are designed in a manner that they allow for easier set up of services and hosting accounts.
4. Another great advantage of using a cloud based hosting solution for your website or your online applications is that you would be able to manage all your operations with a small IT staff. This is due to the fact that most of the server functions are handled automatically by the cloud, so you do not have to worry about traditional server functions such as load balancing, resource allocations, redistribution of resources, etc.
5. Cloud solutions are quite easy to scale. This means that even if your website grows at a very fast pace you would be able to maintain the same kind of user experience that you have been offering to your visitor without having to worry about changing hosting plans again and again.

Cons of Cloud Hosting Services

1. Since cloud solutions are centrally organized, if the cloud goes down due to some reason, your website, your control panel and your account would also go down and you would have no access to anything whatsoever till the time the cloud is back up and running. But such things seldom happen in real life due to mechanisms which are present to prevent things like these from happening.
2. While cloud based services offer unlimited resources at your disposal, they could also lead you to underestimate or overestimate your usage of resources. This could become a potential problem if your resource usage is large and lead to a hosting bill that might overwhelm you.
These are a few pros and cons associated with cloud based hosting services and you need to take these into account while deciding whether to go with a cloud hosting solution or not
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9 August 2017

Keyword Stuffing Penalty and How to Fix it

August 09, 2017
Keyword Stuffing Penalty and How to Fix it

Keyword stuffing is quite commonly practiced by newbie webmasters and SEO practitioners. While writing an article or web page they focus so much on SEO that, they forget that stuffing keywords might end-up their website being banned by Google.
Every webmaster wants to put his best keywords across the web page, but, that doesn’t mean he will repeat the same/related keywords 10 times in each line and Google will give the page higher rank.
Like every successful organization Google also place its user experience on the first place. And, why not ? That’s why (better user experience) Google is Google today. According to Google the results or web pages rendered by its search engine should give the best possible user experience to the searchers or web surfers. And, keyword stuffing makes the statement null.
As a webmaster you should always think about the user satisfaction first, then comes the SEO part. You should always sprinkle the keywords on your web page in a natural manner to make the article natural to a reader.

Why penalty for keyword stuffing ?

For example: There are 2 sites. Site A and Site B. There is a common keyword for both the sites, say “ Keyword Stuffing Penalty ”. If site A repeats the keyword 10 times on its page and site B 11 times; don’t think Google will always rank site B higher that site A only due to more repetition of the same keyword.
If, that would be the case, every web master would be stuffing their pages with keywords without thinking about user experience/satisfaction, making the WWW an ugly place. That’s why Google imposes penalty for keyword stuffing or over optimization for search engines.

Example of keyword stuffing

Example of keyword stuffing

Here, the webmaster is trying to rank higher for the word “ SEO services ” by repeating it frequently, throughout the page. Who knows, he might have repeated the same keyword 1000s of times by setting the font size to “0” and making it invisible by setting the font color and background color the same.

The ugly truth is, if you try to fool Google; Google will fool you. Yes, Google takes this practice very seriously and penalizes very often. B4C5TQSAYD8U

How to fix keyword stuffing ?

Review your site, either the particular pages or the whole site and remove or restructure the keywords. So that it looks natural to search engine users or readers. Once you have made the necessary changes and confident that your site no longer violates Google’s guidelines, submit your site for reconsideration HERE
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