5 July 2015

How to Optimize Your Landing Pages


How to Optimize Your Landing PagesYes first things first, you need to know what is a landing page. Well there is no rocket science involved in this it is the very page where a user reaches as directed by a search engine or by an email campaign.In simple words it is the home page of a website that explains in details what a particular seller is selling. In general it gives a proper layout of the business to a potential customer.So this was all about landing page in lay man’s terms. The question now stands as to why it is important? Again in short this is the very page that has the ability to do wonders for your business. What this means is that it can generate leads and even convert them into sales.What we would like to add here is that this page holds a vital place when it comes to the word called marketing. Of course this is a page that says it all, hence it should be lucid yet stylish must contain fresh content and also must use effective techniques of SEO to accomplish your marketing goals.In order to achieve what you aim at for your business, We have formatted some pointer program that will help you in the best possible ways. Here is a list of the points.

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Know Your Keywords

Before you even start to optimize your landing page, you should first know which keywords you are going to target. By keywords I understand single words (like “marketing”) as well as short phrases (like “email marketing”). Grab a stimulating drink of your choice and get your head thinking – what is the best keyword describing my squeeze page? Make a list of such terms and do a little research.

Put those words into search engines – what do they show you? Are there any websites similar to your landing theme? Take their keywords and put them on the list. If there is no relevant pages, maybe you should rethink your keywords – probably most of the humanity blessed/cursed with the Internet connection has a different view on your keyword meaning. Also, did you get any relevant suggestions from the search engine? Add them to the list as well.

Now head to keyword research tools like Wordtracker, Bing Keyword Research Tool or Google AdWords Keyword Planner and feed them with your list. They will give you some additional suggestions and show you how many times a specific keyword has been searched for. From the list given, choose only the relevant keywords and save them along with a number of searches for each, in descending order.

Now choose one and only one (don’t be greedy despite what you may have heard) keyword which best reflects the subject of your landing page and is on the top of your list at the same time. This will be your main keyword – the keyword for which you’ll be optimizing your squeeze page. The top 5 keywords from your list (excluding the main keyword) will be your additional keywords.

This research can take quite a long time, but good news is that you can implement the next 6 steps much quicker. The hard part is done.

 Make a Good First Impression with Title Tag

Showing a title tag to search engine bots is like shaking hands for the first time. Just as you have about a 7 seconds to make a good first impression (although it’s rough estimate and still debatable) on a human being, you have maximum 70 characters to make good first impression on a search engine spider. Don’t be shy and put your main keyword in your title tag, so the poor creature will know the subject of you landing right away. If you still have some space left, you can throw some additional keywords there, too. Just don’t exceed 70 characters. In fact, it’s better not to cross 65 characters line (2nd point) and your landing page should be fine.

Treat META Description Like a Sign Board

Don’t forget about META description tag – it’s a free sign board for SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) alley shown usually right below website title and URL. Although search engines will display whatever they want within their results instead of your META (for example part of text from your website), a good written description has a fair chance to appear before users eyeballs.

Keep it simple (stupid), state your landing subject, don’t exceed 150 – 160 characters, include your main keyword (search engines can bold it making it more conspicuous) and end with carefully crafted call to action, so user will be tempted to see your landing page. Have in mind that you are writing META description more for the user (living person) than the bot.

Keep the navigation simple

This is another vital thing as a site with an effortless navigation is sure to get more visitors over a heavily loaded site. Let a potential customer understand your marketing strategies, style of work and if not anything help them to get a grasp of your products or services.
In order to keep the navigation easy, avoid extra pop-ups, links, buttons, banners and images. If possible put a call-to action for further correspondence button, but place it conveniently in a strategic place.

Write a Killer Headline

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7 June 2015

Switch Off Your Android Remotely

Switch Off Your Android Remotely
Switching off an Android phone remotely could bring plenty of advantages.As example, if a phone is ever into the wrong hands and you just don’t wish to let anyone else than you explore your phone – you could instantly turn it off just by sending an SMS. Chances are, the person wouldn’t even understand what happened and wouldn’t bother you anymore. Or maybe if you ever lose your phone, you could turn it off. Or if you left your phone back home and don’t wish it to ring or attended by someone else, just send an SMS from someone else’s phone and it switched off. There are plenty of reasons to avail this feature.

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Root is required to avail this feature.Even though rooting is pretty easy these days not everyone is familiar with it. Most people fear rooting a device and hence they couldn’t bring out the most of an Android device. In stock settings, Google blocks the access to root files to protect the security. If any file in the root directory gets deleted or infected, the device could malfunction. To avoid this from happening, Google kept it restricted to access certain files. Rooting a device breaks the barrier and lets the user access every single file located on the device – this process is called root. Rooting provides added features in several ways, also allows the installation of custom ROMs.

How to Switch Off Your Android Remotely

  • The phone has to be rooted.Cause the software required to remotely turn off your phone by SMS requires root access. To make sure whether you have root or not, download ‘Root Checker’ from Google Play Store and verify root. If you've root then you are good to proceed with the further steps. If you do not have the root access, go back and search rooting methods for your device. Be careful! Every device has their own rooting method. Don’t just end up bricking your phone.
  • Do not install the required software from Play Store, you couldn't since it’s a flash-able zip file. Instead, download Remote Turn Off onto your computer and copy paste it to the device’s memory. The zip file will be flashed from the custom recovery; that’s why you need root access. You can’t have a custom recovery without having root access.
  • Reboot to the custom recovery. Depends on the recovery, the option to flash zip from SD card might be located in different places. However, find this option and find the zip file in the memory using this option. Flash the package, wait for it, and then again reboot the device from the custom recovery.
  • You will find the app in the app drawer. Set it up with a code. When you send an SMS with a command to turn off the phone, this will verify your SMS with the code.Be sure you set something you can recall later. The Help section can resolve further confusions.
  • That's it,now you're all done.

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4 June 2015

How to Find the Best Domain Name Registrar?

How to Find the Best Domain Name Registrar?

If you have decided to start your own online business, you are about to enter into an exciting new way to earn money and make a living from your home. There are many things that you will need to do before your website can go live so the general public can use it. One of the most important decisions you will need to make involves the name you will choose for your site. You want to choose a name that is easy for people to spell and remember. Branding your online business is something that is very important in determining whether it will succeed or fail. Once you have chosen a name, you will need to register your domain name to make sure that nobody else can use the name you have chosen. Here is how to find the best domain name registrar.

Do You Know Anyone Who has An Online Business?

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19 May 2015

Benefits of Online Shopping

Benefits of Online Shopping
Nowadays, we always wish to buy anything by online which is very easy task to get work done effortlessly. If you are well acquainted with some leading e-commerce website, you simply go into that particular site and make an order. However, Benefits & Drawbacks is like both the sides of coins, In spite of looking into some negative aspects of shopping online, there are a lot of more Benefits of Online Shopping – Let’s get started.
Here we will be discussing on top Benefits of Online Shopping – Here we go

24/7 Customer Support

You can talk to somebody right away. If you have a query concerning what you're searching for, you most likely will have to wait for very few minutes to get your query responded, that is why many online shopping websites has included Online Chat Option in the right or left corner of the webpage.

Unlimited Option

If you are looking for some product and it is not available in the particular website then immediately you can move on to another best e-commerce website to get the work done. If this work is done by offline that is roaming on roads, huge traffic and going here and there will be a very tough job so, this is benefits of online shopping.

Price Comparisons

Like we discussed in the above points; if you go to any store or shopping mall offline, there you probably don’t be having facility to compare prices of different products, so it is much difficult to know about all merchants. But, when it comes to online shopping you can compare any product with different merchants, this is the beauty of online shopping.

Online Shopping is Handy

Online Shopping – is the easiest task you can do to yourself how come easy? Yeah!! Here you don’t require wearing clothes, take bike and go to store; just by having proper internet connection, knowledge of best websites to order products is enough – everything will be on your door step.


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3 May 2015

Simple Ways to Generate Ideas for Blog

Simple Ways to Generate Ideas for Blog
Setting up a blog is just the first step. You can’t just write one or two posts and leave them at your self-hosted blog site. You need to blog regularly to achieve whatever your objective is in setting up a blog – whether it is to get ads, be Internet-famous or sell your services.So are you struggling to come up with articles for your blog?Are you looking for ways to generate new content ideas?To keep your blog audience engaged, you need to continually generate new content.In this article we’ll show you  easy ways to help you find new and interesting content ideas for your business blog.

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List Down Your Ideas

Get a piece of paper or open a blank document in your computer and put down any topics that is related to your business. Don’t censor yourself, just keep the ideas flowing. You can do this every day (my tip for morning larks: do this first thing in the morning) or every week. Remember that no one is watching you while making this list – so no idea is bad or ridiculous. You can always edit this list later

Solve Your Reader’s Problem

No matter how satisfied your readers are with your products and services or the information that you provide in your blog, they will have some questions about it. So compile all these concerns and write one blog post detailing for each of the problem that you want to solve.

Go to Online Forums

Visit large online forums and monitor the most popular topics and what are the most common questions that the forum participants ask. You can then write a post based from what you learned from this form.

Read a Book

Take one idea from the book and write how you applied that idea. Another option is to review the book – give a synopsis, your opinion about the book and how your readers can benefit from reading this book. If you are not a bibliophile, you can apply the same technique in culling ideas from the latest movies that you’ve seen

List Down Your Ideas

How many times it happens that you are visiting supermarket or going for coffee and you get a wonderful blog post idea. It happens to me a lot of time but when I am actually trying to think of a good topic to write on surprisingly, I am unable to come up with any single one.

So, list down your blog post ideas at one place. You can use your smartphone to save all these ideas or make small notes so that you can remember them in future. 

What's Trending on Social Media

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