23 November 2015

What Tech Upgrades Will Medium Sized Businesses Be Making in 2016?


Medium sized businesses usually have the ultimate goal of becoming large sized businesses, and one of the best and most effective ways to go about growing any business in any industry is by fully embracing technology. With so many technological advancements constantly being released, it can be difficult for business owners to keep up, but it will certainly be worth their while if they do.

2016, like all previous years, is set to be one that is filled with amazing tech upgrades that businesses, particularly those that are mid-sized, will be able to invest in and take advantage of. Continue reading to learn about a few of these technological upgrades to find out if any of them would be what your business needs to succeed.

3D Printing

3D printing has been around for a while, and you have likely heard quite a bit about it already. It is becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries, and medium sized businesses that are doing well and making enough profits will be able to invest in this technology in 2016 if they want to do so.

There are many applications for 3D printing, such as creating and selling unique designs, simply offering 3D printing services to customers and fellow businesses who may need them, or even coming up with a brand new product that you can put on the market and manufacture at a low cost to increase profit margins.

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10 November 2015

Which Internet Marketing Strategies Will Help My Business Grow?


In a world where Internet shopping and socializing has become increasingly common, more and more business owners are realizing that attaining online advertising services can help their companies flourish. Yet many corporate leaders don't know which digital marketing services they should seek out. To learn which digital services can help your business really take off, refer to the following list: 

1. Web Design And Development. 

Web design and development services are generally considered the foundation of any good digital marketing campaign. Your website is basically your company's "face" on the Internet. Digital experts know this, and they use numerous strategies to ensure that your website is aesthetically appealing and functional. Additionally, designers and developers work with dedication and diligence to ensure that your site is optimized for cross compatibility. In so doing, they enable individuals to easily access your web pages irrespective of the electronic device they used to do so. Marketing companies like Magic Dust specialize in offering cutting edge, customized web design and development services. 

2. Content Creation. 

Just as great web design and development services can help grow your business in the online sector, excellent content creation services will enable you to develop a strong Internet presence. Content creation is important because it provides your target audience with information about your brand. When you consistently publish creative, information-packed content on your site, you optimize the brand recognition process and increase the likelihood of conversion. Internet marketers use a wide range of tools and techniques to optimize the content creation process. Some of them include infographics, calls to action, Share Buttons, and textual components like subheaders, bullets, and numbered lists. 

3. Social Media Optimization.

One final service that digital marketers use to build your business's online presence is social media optimization. This service enables you to effectively engage your target audience through popular channels like Facebook and Twitter. One strategy that marketers use to optimize the process is sending out tweets containing links to your product pages. When this type of activity is done regularly, you can build your audience quickly and expedite the conversion process. 

What Should You Look For In A Digital Marketing Company?

Once you realize that digital marketing companies can offer a wide range of brand-building services, you may be wondering how to go about finding the right representation. There are a wide range of excellent attributes that the best firms will possess. Looking for these traits can help you distinguish the good from the great. Here are the traits to be on the lookout for:

• extensive experience in the digital marketing sector
• a proven track record
• positive online reviews
• an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
• comprehensive services
• reasonable rates
• a satisfaction guarantee

Don't Delay-Develop A Strong Internet Marketing Presence Today!

Business owners who want to expedite and optimize the brand-building process should know that attaining high quality internet marketing services can help. With this idea in mind, it's a good idea to seek out a team of excellent, creative digital professionals to start working on your behalf.
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1 November 2015

Best Alternatives to Google Play Store

Google play store remain the largest android app store globally, with over 1.3 million apps available and over 50 billion downloads, almost every person must have heard about the Google playstore, but they might  haven't come across this 10 alternatives which we're about to tell you. You might be thinking of why you should download from these alternatives when Google play store is the best and largest. Ok let’s see some reasons why you should try these alternatives.

  • Sometimes Google play store apps are country restricted.
  • Some apps that are being paid for on Google play store are downloded for free on some other app stores.
  • You can’t download apps from google plays tore if it’s not compactable with your device, but if you think that you can run the app on your smartphone then you can try any of this alternatives.
So we're going to share some best google play store alternatives here.


GetJar is an alternative App store app for your mobile which has a big collection of different apps to download. These apps are divided in various categories as well as  subcategories, which are similar to the Play Store, for instance Productivity, Photos, Finance and few others. GetJar is not just for the Android user either, it offers apps for other platforms such as iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry. To get the app from GetJar for your device, first you need to open the mobile site from your mobile browser and then install it. GetJar also provides comments and social media support. There’s a Getjar Gold system which offers customized apps and allows you to get rewards in order to get the premium apps and some upgrades absolutely free.


Another alternative app market is SlideMe, which offers free and paid Android apps, which are also rated by users from the site’s large community. What's more, all apps in the database have been manually approved after testing. The apps can be filtered, with options such as newest, updated, ratings, as well as other categories, like education, lifestyle, languages etc. The app is available in multiple languages and many currencies are accepted. The SlideMe app can be installed for free from their website.


F-Droid is a different app store, which you may get & install from their own site. This store offer various apps which are actually free of charge and have FOSS (open source software), which makes it possible for anybody to copy and work with a licensed app freely in by any means. As opposed to many other app stores, F-Droid is actually a funded app store by different contributors. The apps on their own don’t provide any ratings or reviews.


Appslib is a bit different from the others in that it offers apps for Android tablets only. You can install the AppsLib app from the website and onto your tablet, where you must then create an account. Apps are approved to ensure that they are optimized for tablets, and are split up into categories. Payments are done via Paypal and you can also get some information from other users with ratings and comments. To create an account, you must choose a device from the list, and unfortunately, there aren't that many brands, mainly Archos, Arnova, iMuz, Lazer, Naxa, TouchTablets and Lenco tablets, among other ones.

1Mobile Market

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17 October 2015

Top 10 Reasons Startups Fail


Imagine piloting a ship without an accurate map of the local waters. Unless you're a veteran captain familiar with the area, you'd be sure to run into submerged obstacles or wander blindly into too shallow waters and end up stuck on a sinking vessel.

Something similar goes for first-time founders. Without any guidance as to what dangers lurk, you're likely to run into trouble. Thankfully, question-and-answer site Quora recently marked known startup killers with a metaphorical skull and cross bones, soliciting answers to the question "What are the top five reasons why startups fail?" from investors, bankruptcy pros, entrepreneurs, and consultants. Here's the consensus that emerged from the full discussion.

Top 10 Reasons Startups Fail

When you don't validate your market aggressively enough, you can’t build a good product. Without measuring, trusting the numbers, tracking, validating, and optimizing the data you get from your clients, it’s not possible to create a viable product in high demand.

There are many other reasons startups fail, but these seven came up as most common when questioning the founders and team members involved with the startup ecosystem. Should your startup fail, it’s worth spending some time to understand what went wrong and learn from your mistakes to make it next time
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7 October 2015

Four Useful Tips for Adding Videos to Your Firm’s Website

Useful Tips for Adding Videos to Your Firm’s Website

Many business owners who use a
free custom website design service add videos to their websites. This is not surprising because videos offer many exciting ways to deliver your firm's message to your clients that are easy to incorporate into your website's design.

Here are four helpful tips for adding videos to your website that are easy to remember while designing your website:

Define Your Audience
Defining who will watch your website’s videos is beneficial because it simplifies the process of choosing appropriate videos for your firm’s website.

Defining who will watch your videos is easier if you remember to use the following online marketing strategies that are used by many successful firms: 

Use sales data to define who typically uses your products or services.
Learn how your clients use your website to shop for products and services.
Learn how much time your clients uses to visit your website to shop for products or services.
Learn how your clients use Internet technologies to find and visit your website.

Share Shorter Videos 
Sharing shorter videos on your website is worthwhile because it can help your website use less bandwidth and file space online. These benefits can be a tremendous value for your firm because they can help you design an effective website that clearly conveys your firm's advertising message to clients. 

Consider Using .MP4 Video Formats 
Many videos that are posted online are formatted using .MP4 file formatting applications. Using these formatting applications for your online videos is recommended because they offer the following benefits to your clients:

Smaller files that are easier to store on your website's server.
High-quality picture and sound capabilities that are easy to customize. 
The capacity to view your videos on the latest mobile Internet applications. 
Better uploading times that save time while watching your videos. 
Fewer uploading and streaming problems that can make watching your videos a hassle.

Use Video-sharing Websites to Share and Store Your Videos 
Many video-sharing websites such as DaCast, YouTube and Ustream offer storage services that make viewing your videos simple. Using these storage services is worthwhile because they offer an easy way to share videos on your website that is easy to add to your website's content.

As you can see, adding videos to your firm's website is worthwhile if you remember to 
upload appropriate videos to your website that are easy for your customers to view online. Accomplishing this task while using a website design hosting service is easier if you remember to choose videos for your website in advance. Therefore, feel free to use the suggestions that are mentioned in this article to determine the best videos to add to your firm’s website.

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