14 July 2017

Is GoDaddy the Best Web Host Around?

July 14, 2017
Web hosting services come in all kinds of different forms, offering a wide variety of packages and services. One of the biggest hosts to grab the market’s attention over the last few years is GoDaddy. With a catchy name and some well-developed promotional campaigns including their memorable TV ads, it is becoming an increasingly popular option for a range of online services.

In fact, the GoDaddy brand has grown to such an extent that they now offer much more than just the domain registration that they began as, they now offer web hosting SEO services and professional email. An article in Forbes describes them as a multi-billion dollar cloud-services business.

One of the first things that catches people’s attention is the ‘website for 99p’ offer and although this option is restricted in many ways, for those first starting up a website, GoDaddy is one of the easiest and cheapest web hosts to get the ball rolling with. If you are looking for more advanced features and unlimited storage, bandwidth etc. then the cheapest option will not work for you. However, GoDaddy also offer a number of different packages including a business hosting package, should you require a website for your business.

Another real attraction of the GoDaddy hosting services is the Do It Yourself options for WordPress sites, its very own site builder and online store. For those who have the experience and knowledge to get going on their own, these are a great way to keep costs down whilst producing a high quality website. If you’re in the great many that are not so comfortable setting up your own website, GoDaddy offers a Website Development service that will take care of everything for you. However, with the one click installs for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, even those without great experience will find it relatively straight forward to get a website started.

Okay so it is very clear that GoDaddy has an excellent mix of services that are readily available but how do they stack up against the other web hosting providers?

According to PCMag, GoDaddy scores 4/5 by the editor, which is bettered only by DreamHost Web Hosting and HostGator. Now it is probably worthwhile mentioning that different hosts lend themselves better to different hosting scenarios. So for example, HostGator is highly rated for its shared and dedicated hosting packages. A2 Web Hosting achieves excellent Uptime scores, which could be the most important factor for some. GoDaddy is highly regarded for its high level of customer service.

So to go back to the title question ‘Is GoDaddy the Best Web Host Around?’ we cannot give a definite answer due to the outlook that what works for one, may not work for another. It all comes down to the specific requirements that a person or business has for their website and web hosting solution. If they are looking for an easy to install WordPress site, great customer service and a wealth of different services to call upon should it be required, GoDaddy is right up there with the market leaders.

If you are looking for a web host, GoDaddy will no doubt be able to provide you with the services that you require. However, before you do make a decision on any web hosting service, have a think about what you actually want from your website and host. Draw up a plan for how you can see your online marketing develop over the next few years so that you can make a decision based around your specific situation rather than what looks like the best deal at the time.
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25 June 2017

Search Engine Penalties – How to Detect and Fix it

June 25, 2017

Search engine penalty – The ugly and dreadly word for any webmaster but its a reality that many sites suffer penalties by search engines due to unethical practices. Search engine doesn’t think about whether the bad practices are due to ignorance or a known commitment of the webmaster. It is prudent to know, how to detect search engine penalties and fix it as early as possible.
One thing you should always remember - Search engines frequently changes their algorithms. Google changes its algorithms more than 400 times in a year ! If you are dealing with search engine penalties you should be aware about the latest algorithms followed by major search engines.

Basic Search Engine Penalties Check

Important: Always remember, simple downgrading of your page or post by 5 to 10 ranks lower doesn’t constitute a penalty by search engine. This phenomenon is called “ Google Dance ” and we will discuss about it later on.
OK, you have performed the basic check using the above flow chart and found that your site is actually suffering from search engine penalties.

Fixing Search Engine Penalties

Fix the root cause or problem responsible for search engine penalties
Technical problems like invisible text, hidden links, involvement in link scam, keyword stuffing, spammy outbound/inbound links, pages with excessive irreverent words, duplicate content, doorway pages,numerous sub domains with duplicate content.
Its always time consuming to fix the root cause, if you are engaged with multiple manipulative activities. But its the reality. It is even harder, if your site is banned due to unintentional/unknowingly SEO errors from your side. But, unintentional SEO error is extremely rare.
File a “ reconsideration request ” to search engines
1. Reconsideration request to Google for search engine penalties
Google Webmaster Tools —> Click on the Tools —> Click the “ Submit a reconsideration request ”.
2. Reconsideration request to Yahoo! for search engine penalties
Fill out all the required data and submit.
3. Reconsideration request to Bing for search engine penalties
Bing Webmaster Tools —> Bing site owner support form —> Fill out the required information —> Submit

Remember while filing for search engine penalties

  • Take your time and try your best to fix all the problems responsible for search engine penalties.
  • Mention clearly, the wrong or bad practices you have done which resulted in banning your website.
  • Mention, few examples via links that you have corrected the root problem.
  • Promise them it will never happen in the future.
Search engines provide you the traffic. So, they have the authority to make rules on their own and publishers have to abide/follow it.
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16 June 2017

Top 5 Way You Can Protect Your MacBook From Damage

June 16, 2017

If you’ve invested in a MacBook, you know about quality. You are probably also aware of the need to protect that investment and ensure that you are able to get the results of that high-quality device for as long as possible. Thankfully, there are some fantastic MacBook Pro accessories that can help put you at ease about keeping your Mac safe from damage.

1. Sleeves

Sleeves are a stylish way to keep your computer from being scratched and dented, and they come in a variety of materials and designs. Choose a sleeve that is made of a hardy material that will still offer some protection against drops for the best results.

2. Shells

Hard case or neoprene shells are another very popular option for MacBook users. These special cases are designed to fit your MacBook like a glove while providing an extra layer of strong protection. They offer protection from scrapes and bumps, but more importantly, they can help keep your computer safe against knocks, drops and even spilt drinks while in use.

3. Briefcases

As in days of old, a briefcase if one of the most popular ways to carry a MacBook. They are not only convenient because they keep all your work in one location, but they can offer serious protection for your device if you choose the right one. These bags come in a variety of styles and materials.

4. Tanks

If you are really concerned about protecting your investment, a tank may be your best option. These envelopes, sleeves and cases are built with protection taking the top priorty. They can be made of hard aluminum, polyurethane, or hard leather, but all provide excellent results even when dropped from a height.

5. Keyboard Protectors

Don’t neglect your keyboard, choose a keyboard protector to keep spilled drinks, food and other hazards from frying your beloved Mac. These are essentially large, thin sheets of rubber or plastic that lay over your keyboard. Get one with a tight fit for best results.

At MelroseINC, we know damage happens. Are you wondering about computer repair services near me, contact us today to get your Mac back to working order.

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2 June 2017

5 Things to Consider When Buying Backlit Keyboard

June 02, 2017
Regardless of whether it fills gaming needs or is basically for the individuals who end up working late evenings, a backlit keyboard is a much welcomed sight in more routes than one. These lit up keyboards have a scope of elements from preset modes to programmable lighting. Claim to fame backlit keyboard, similar to remote models, gaming models, and portable PC perfect models, additionally make life less demanding for those punching keys at odd hours.

Some likewise have backdrop illumination impacts like swell mode, beat mode, and a responsive mode in which fasten light as they are pressed. While enhancements are for the most part stylish, customizable illuminated areas are greatly useful with games or projects that require the rehashed utilization of only a couple keys. In order to get the best backlit keyboard for you, below are few tips to consider.

Connectivity Options

The most straightforward approach to interface a keyboard to your PC is through a wired USB association. Keyboards are normally plug-and-play gadgets, with no extra programming to introduce (except for some gaming keyboards), implying that connecting to the keyboard is the greater part of the setup you'll have to manage.
On the off chance that you need more opportunity and less link mess around your work area, in any case, it's difficult to beat a wireless keyboard. Rather than a wired connection, wireless keyboards transmit information to your PC through one of two essential means: a RF connection with a USB collector, or by means of Bluetooth.

Think About Compatibility
Not all keyboards are good with every PC. There are some remote keyboards that exclusive work with Windows 7, Windows 8, or Apple computers. Choosing a remote keyboard that can work with a computer is perfect. This avoids purchasing another keyboard each time the buyer moves up to another PC.

The life span of a remote keyboard relies on upon how regularly the buyer utilizes it. Simple use, for example, surfing the net or playing computer games may prompt the wireless keyboard having a more drawn out life expectancy. Steady typing on a wireless keyboard may make it require substitution sooner.


Ergonomic or Traditional?

On the off chance that you've experienced an odd looking keyboard, it's probably an ergonomic one. An ergonomic keyboard is a PC console outlined with ergonomic contemplations to limit muscle strain and a large group of related issues. Ordinarily, they are developed in a "V" shape, to enable right and left hands to sort at a slight point more normal to the human form.
In the event that you truly have comfort as a top priority, then you can go for the ergonomic keyboards. It will spare your hands, lower arms and wrists from inconvenience, making you more gainful and enabling you to work for longer timeframes.

Brightness and Tweak Ability
Will you manually kick the brightness level here and there? Check for this control; you may perform it through a mix of keys. (As a rule, that is the "Fn" key and one of the capacity enters in the F1 to F12 row.) Not every computer enables this. Then again, all you might have the capacity to do is put the lighting on or off.
In a few models, you don't need to make the alteration by any stretch of the imagination. Some excellent computers utilize sensors that modify the splendor consequently as per the encompassing lighting conditions where you're working or playing.

Typing solace is similarly as imperative as backlight quality—possibly more so. Once more, this is something you can survey just by putting your fingers on the genuine machine or taking a gander at analysts' evaluations. As insinuated above, you'll see two sorts of key format in PCs: island-style, and ordinary.
Island board have space and an outskirt around each key; a customary format has the keys wedged up against each other. The key "toss," or the separation from key to key, has a tendency to be somewhat more extensive between island keys than ordinary, all else being equivalent. Once more, attempt before you purchase.
The most essential capacity of a backlit keyboard is to enable you to see the keys oblivious, so you'll have the capacity to sort without running into issues. Obviously, it can make you look truly marvelous particularly in case you're a gamer. Primary concern, Look for a keyboard that suits your way of life. Keep in mind that you'll generally connect with a keyboard when utilizing a PC, so you better pick one that truly helps you.

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31 May 2017

4 Big Reasons to Use Crowdfund Clicks For Crowdfunding Your Next Project

May 31, 2017

There are several crowdfund marketing services to be found on the internet today. However, not all of them are created equally. You may already know of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but there are other crowdfund marketing options that you may want to consider along with launching your project. For instance, Crowdfundclicks.com has been getting some attention because it offers several advantages for those who need help raising fund for their project. In fact, you may be surprised by the reasons you should hire this service and invest some money into their marketing efforts.

CrowdfundClicks.com Uses Social Media Marketing

The first major reason why Crowdfund Clicks helps get results is because it harnesses the power of social media. It doesn’t just share your project on social media, it actually runs targeted ads to your potential customers. That means full integration, and promotion through the most popular social media channels. It gives your project aggressive, professional level marketing at a fraction of the cost that traditional marketing agencies charge. When you launch your crowdfunding project, you will be able to get your project in front of the largest audience possible across social media. With CrowdfundClicks.com, its about quality and not just quantity. With millions upon millions of people on social sites, Crowdfundclicks.com helps you attract the most views and investors by meeting consumers where they are.

No Risk Opportunity

Unlike other sites, when you test the waters with Crowdfund Clicks, you will be able to get percentage based marketing. The company has taken a strong stance against taking money from for a one-time fee. You pay startup costs to use their services and gain access to their team, but they only make money when do from the % of funds raised. If you have issues and are not happy, you can simply not pay the commissions. Everything is tracked on the crowdfunding page to see how much funding they bring in. The best part is that you only need to pay for commissions on funding Crowdfund Clicks bring you. Your funding is yours to keep. No other site has a generous percentage based partnership like this, and most will just take an upfront fee. Crowdfund Clicks creates a risk-free opportunity to test the waters, and get funded without fear that you’ll end up losing money on your venture or doing it alone.

CrowdfundClicks Review Shows Proven Results

The list of successfully funded projects, and satisfied users of this crowdfunding platform continues to grow. The company has been able to harness the power of social networking, and people have found their projects funded faster, and easier than with other pages. The company has even been able to gain notoriety through several viral campaigns, and large-scale media projects. The team behind Crowdfund Clicks know social media, crowdfunding, and stake their reputation on every user seeing results.

Relentless Promotion

Crowdfund Clicks is not just going to leave you to your own devices. When you trust them with your project, they get their proverbial hands dirty. They focus on helping you get funded, using a relentless promotion schedule that is on par with social media. That means that they work through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of promotion, to targeted profiles and individuals. Their focus is to get your project funded, without slacking, so that you are not left without the funding you need for your project. They stake their reputation on it, and that’s the difference.

Look, other crowdfunding sites make you do all the work, all the promotion, and the failure rate is quite high. Crowdfund Clicks is different. They work with you, for you, and they want you to succeed. When you succeed, they succeed, which is why they are way different than any other funding resource you may have heard about. Test the waters, and see the difference. You will be impressed, guaranteed.

You’ll need to apply and speak with their team at Crowdfund Clicks review
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