22 September 2016

4 Tips for Great Newsletter Management

September 22, 2016
4 Tips for Great Newsletter Management

Great email newsletter management goes beyond how to write a subject line that gets the email opened and a body that gets read form the opening line to the link in the CTA.

Newsletter management focuses on the two fundamental purposes of email newsletters: Attracting and retaining prospects.

Without proper management, you could end up stagnating a list of subscribers that don’t even read your emails or worse, losing subscribers. Below, we look at four of the most important aspects of your campaign that you have to get right to succeed in email marketing:

Focus On a Specific Point of Interest

Your business has many aspects that you’d want your audience to know about. You have news about the products; you have press coverage that you want to keep readers updated on; you have blog posts that are intended to inform and entertain; and you have events you want people to attend. Now imagine running a newsletter that talks about all four or more aspects inconsistently.

It’s quite a mess. It might seem like a good idea to mix things up but in the long run, this kind of inconsistency only ends up alienating your readers with every email that goes against their expectations when they signed up.

To avoid randomness, keep your newsletter focused on a specific subject instead of the whole scope of your company. Consider BuzzFeed which runs the “This Week in Cats” newsletter. Now, BuzzFeed writes about almost everything you can think about. But it has a newsletter dedicated to people who love cats and reading about them.

Another example is TechCrunch which broke down it’s newsletter into, not two or three, but seven newsletters. Driven by a need for reader segmentation, the tech blog launched seven weekly newsletters last year.

Decluttering helps you better understand and engage with the subscribers as the interests are aligned.

     Use the “Subscribe” Page to Set Expectations

There are few things worse than messing or appearing to mess with your audience’s heads. In the age of ecommerce, forums, review sites and limited time, it is important now, more than ever before, to tell people exactly what the deal entails upfront. Potential subscribers want to know exactly the kind of information you will be giving them and what you require in return.
If the newsletter is about tips and daily life hacks, make that known and follow on the promise in your emails. If you have products coupled with that, communicate that clearly by mentioning that you will be giving product news every once in a while. Focus on the point of interest and let potential subscribers know.
SmartBrief goes even further in setting expectations. On its “Subscribe” landing page, the business news curation site explains clearly what is to be contained in the newsletter and then provides a link that a potential subscriber could follow to check out a preview email.

Needless to say, this creates and heightens the trust in the subscribers. As a marketer, this reduces your spam and unsubscribe rates.
It is also important to make it easy for subscribers to opt-out. It seems counter-intuitive but the easier it is for a disinterested subscriber to unsubscribe from your list, the safer it is for you. Without the “Unsubscribe” button or with a lengthy and weird-sounding unsubscribing process, the user will opt for the easier option – marking your email as “Spam”. This could affect how the rest of the subscribers receive the same email.

Balance the Educational and Promotional Aspects of Your Email Content

People are not always looking to buy. They are not always looking to invest. Meaning, not matter how good your intentions might be, there’s a great chance that subscribers will not want to hear about your commodities all the time – even if they think they need them. Uncontrolled self-promotion only puts off subscribers, resulting in lower click-through rates, open rates and even higher unsubscribe rates.
To help you maintain the balance is the 90/10 rule. The rule is that 90% of your email content should be educational i.e. useful, relevant and timely while only 10% should be promotional i.e. about your products and services.
You also don’t have to make use of the 10% all the time. There’s no harm in that. Include promotional content only when you have news about your company or commodities that the subscriber would be excited to hear. Thus, whenever you don’t have to, leave out the promotional content and just focus on educating your subscriber. This will boost the trust and help increase the number of sales you make when you get to advertising your product.

Choose Your Email Service Provider(ESP) Carefully

Without the right ESP, then everything else is pretty much pointless – unless you are looking to build an internal solution which could prove too difficult or too costly.
When you have to use an ESP, consider three main factors: the features, the fees, and the delivery.
Every business is different. When choosing an ESP, focus on your custom needs and how the features of a potential provider can satisfy those needs. No matter the level of your business, you want an ESP that will grow beside your business. Thus, while you may be compelled to go for the basic factors at first, you should consider what the provider offers in upgrades. Some of the features to look for in a potential ESP are email templates, ease of use, mobility, social media integration, scheduling ability, tracking tools and the support team.

You also want to pick a service that is cost-effective, at all levels of your business. Depending on the provider, there are options to pay monthly fees, annual fees or pay-as-you-go fees. It is important to take a moment and consider the most suitable option for your situation.
The last of the most important factors to consider is the email delivery promised. Here, you want a provider whose tools you can trust to deliver your emails in the Inbox and not the Spam folder. Authentication and accreditation tools verify the identity of the sender and communicate to the internet filters that the emails are legitimate. You also want a reputable ESP. Some providers are not familiar to giants like Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google. As a result, emails sent end up in Spam.

Final Word

Before learning how to craft compelling emails, it is important to first know how to manage your list of subscribers as well as attract new ones.
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17 September 2016

4 Ways to Boost Your Blogger Outreach Strategy

September 17, 2016
4 Ways to Boost Your Blogger Outreach StrategyBlogger outreach is the most powerful way to build backlinks and increase your overall search engine traffic. If you’re wondering what blogger outreach is all about, don’t panic! In this detailed guide, we’ll discuss about the blogger outreach strategy to build links from top blogs.

Are you ready? Let’s get into the details of what exactly is blogger outreach strategy and how it can help you build a better blog that drives more traffic and sales.

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What Is Blogger Outreach?

Outreach or Blogger outreach is the process of reaching out to bloggers or site owners, i.e. decision makers to a find common point of interest and build relationships.

Outreach can be done both online and offline. For example, you can meet bloggers at events or conferences. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll focus on online outreach only.

Building relationships online can be a cost-effective way to reach out to highly targeted individuals and prospects that have more/varied readership than what you already have.

By reaching out to them in the right way and at the right time, you get the potential to reach a far wider audience and your content has the potential to go viral. While outreach is primarily associated with link building campaigns, it can be used for other reasons too.

Benefits Of Blogger Outreach Strategy?

So why should you care about creating a blogger outreach strategy? Here are few strong reasons to do it.

  1. Bloggers are influencers (when a top blogger tweets or links to your stuff, you’ll get a lot of traffic, sales and subscribers)
  2. Blogger outreach increases your popularity (if a top blogger mentions you, others will also find you as a top blogger!)
  3. Increases your overall social media influence
  4. Blogger outreach increases your website incoming links and traffic
  5. It helps you build strong relationships with other bloggers

In a nutshell, blogger outreach strategy not only helps you boost your blog traffic but it can open the doors for you to build high quality links from top blogs without spamming others.Are you now convinced about reaching out other bloggers to make your blog successful?

Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Enter influencer marketing, or blogger outreach campaigns. The idea behind a blogger outreach campaign is that a company, in seeking exposure for a product or service, leverages influencers who have established a substantial following, asking them to write about it in exchange for free access to the product or service. (Sometimes, money would need to exchange hands as well. It all depends on the relationship the company has with the blogger and what the blogger commands.)

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16 September 2016

Reduce Technical Debt With The Various Methodologies

September 16, 2016
Any organization that thinks to be in technical debt often thinks over its reduction procedure. Technical debt though mostly seen in technical firms and is often regarding the various software that is created here. In fact, they are the ones that may bring your company down as well. Hence, the only way to reduce them is to manage them well with the remedies that are followed conventionally when some organization is a technical debt. Unlike other companies, which face a lot of financial debt problems, software companies face technical debt problems. However, this, in turn, leads to an economic problem at the end.

Make your employee specialized

In most cases due to the stipulated deadlines, employees miss out codes and create ones that can malfunction. Thus, when these malfunctioned codes get circulated in the market, it becomes a burden for the company to re-create it along with other deadlines. Hence, unless it is identified in the initial level, it becomes tough to prevent technical debt. Another reason is the insufficiency of the employees in your office. There are times when employees do not do a proper research before creating the code. Another type of insufficiency from the employer's end is the irresponsibleness. They often wait for the last hour and finally hurry up to finish the project leading to a great massacre.

Arrange training for your employees

To prevent all these types of insufficiency ensure to keep a control on the work of the employees. This can be maintained by giving them a target for the work. Apart from setting a goal, you can always train them at regulated intervals, from which you can help them to make them understand what loop they create if they work with such insufficiency. Hire instructors on technical debt from the different organizations. They can give them a proper orientation on technical debt management.

Prevent cash flow and increase production

The other ways to control this debt in your firm is by restricting cash flow and emphasizing on production. The more you expand your business, the more you be capable of making the repayments with your flowing cash from production. Thus, this process will be preventing companies from taking loans for meeting debts. This lessened cash flow and increased production will also help you to grow. Hence, now you can hire experts to guide you for your further ventures. Lessened cash flow will also help you to cope up with other loans and make you debt free after a period.

Seek proficient help

When you are already clogged with loans and debts, it is wiser to ask for professional advice. The professional advice will help you in knowing when you have to repay which debt. Advice from experts will help you structuring the bonds well. They will assist you in finding out the reason of the debt. If you have paid your debt on credit cards, credit card debt consolidation is what your advisors will ask you to do. Credit card debts are often feared by many because of their high-interest rates. Look for best debt consolidation loans and it will help you in making your situation easy and you can tackle with it in an easy way.
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Assessment And Valuation Of Technical Debt Tells The True Value Of Software

September 16, 2016

For a software company it is necessary to know the true value of the software in use. But most of the companies are not sure about it. If you want to stay ahead in the race and do well in the business, you cannot be so lackadaisical. You must regularly assess and evaluate your technical debt from tie to time. Tech debt is a real cost as knowing how much money is required by you to pay off the debt is what decides whether your decision is a costly one or was a good one. No matter what is your perspective, venture capitalist or a CEO, a CIO or a CTO, or simply determining whether or not a merger will make any sense, it is always real cost.

Benefits Of It

Assessment and valuation is very necessary, whether the code is developed by you or not. If done properly, this will help you in many ways.  The most important thing you will get through these is the answer to your question whether or not your software is a liability or an asset. You can also come to know about the amount of money you will need more to fix the code and its issues.            You will also get all the insights and data to guide you for the refactoring. Identify faulty project and determining if your staffs are not being able to respond quickly enough to the requests of the customers can also be done by proper assessment and valuation.

Way Of Working

You can avoid the expense of tech debt in the future, through the development process you can do with the tools you will get from it. Assessment and valuation will identify the design, architecture, testing, coding and documentation deficits which will result in tech debt in the future. It combines the static code analysis with the dynamic programs which helps in detecting issues to any miniscule figure. You will get a report which you can plug with the financial models helping you analyse your software critically. Prioritizing, getting operational recommendations will help you in taking effective qualitative and quantitative measures.

Stakeholders Getting Help

Proper assessment and evaluation will help different stake holders. They can develop their software accordingly, to be able to come out with beneficial features as per the requests of the customers in a short time. People who are benefited can be the CIOs, who are concerned about delivery rather than development. CTOs are helped too who look for early warning signs to develop problematic projects along with CEOs, who are responsible for governing development process. VCs and people investing money, M&A and other diligent investigators to find toxic matters are also helped.

Add More Value

Just like in consolidation loan, prioritizing the debts is necessary, in case of tech debt repayment too, you have to prioritize. With proper assessment you can add more value to software engineering practice, project management skills, development techniques and capabilities of addressing deficits and defects in the quality of any software. Remember, that a little bit of tech debt to manageable proportions is good, but you must take regular care to keep it under control. Learn more about the topic online and clear all your doubts. You can even gain information about best egg loans online which is much popular these days. You can learn about it and know what it is so as to get benefitted if needed.

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Know The Ways To Cope Up With The Technical Beast

September 16, 2016
Know The Ways To Cope Up With The Technical Beast
With the emergence of technical debt in your company, there can be hurdles on many things. It is quite obvious that there will be such obstacles. But, there need not be reasons to worry about it so quickly. With the increased study on technical debt, the debt advisors have come up with various options to get out of technical debt. Though there is stagnancy at innovation in your firm at this point, there are ways how you can remove this stagnant growth and allow rapid growth to set in your business. With the improved technical advice, all professionals repeatedly stress on a preliminary inquiry of your business.

Ways of judging technical debt

The initial point is to know, how to understand the fact that your company has a technical debt. Well, the answer to this question is in the production system. Either there will be an indication from the other enterprises or clients about the various faults in technicalities. Or, there will be lesser production from your firm. The slower manufacturing process can give an indication that your company is affected by a technical debt. However, your colleagues can also state whether a project is leading to a technical debt or not. Hence, it becomes a responsibility of the entrepreneur to understand that whether your firm is having such issues.

From the CFO’s Desk

When you are a CFO of your company, apart from the financial aspects you also need to look into the technical matters of the firm. If you find that the company is draining too much for technical issues along with lower production rates, it is definite that it is running in some technical debt. The immediate action to this is to appoint a mortgage advisor who can help you to stop further draining. List the priority repayments and make them cleared initially.

Avoid credit cards

In whatever consequences, avoid using credit cards for repaying your loan. This can make you fall into larger debt. However, if you have already made your payments in this mode, tell your advisor to look into the matter. Looking into the matter from the initial step can help you combat the mistakes generally committed at this mode of payment. The credit card consolidation loan is the only way out if you have made payment on this mode. The interest rates on this mode are lower and can be paid along with other loans. Look for the best way to consolidate credit card debt and make your worries a bit low and your life easy.

Emphasize on regulated investigation

Last but not least, the advisors always emphasizes on the training and basic knowledge of the team of a firm. This can help them to understand the flaws at the initial level. Notifying an issue in the initial level and notifying it later makes a difference. The preliminary checkup will also lead them to start up acting on the production plan. Once they understand they can emphasize on clearing the flaws which will regulate the production factor once again. The entrepreneur can also appoint an expert to visit the firm on a monthly basis and check the different debt-related factors. This will keep you updated and controlled on the further investments.
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