7 December 2016

Designing Digital Signage Template? Here is what you need to know

December 07, 2016

Digital signage is here with us! It is becoming a faster and efficient way of advertisement and communication. To tap opportunities that come with it, you must know the secrets. The greatest secret lies in the design and development of the whole information to be relayed.  

The design will either build you or destroy you. It will determine whether people will pay attention to your message or not. The most important thing with digital signage is to reach as many people as possible in the shortest available time. If you are thinking of designing a state of the art digital signage, then take the following into consideration:


In demographics, you would like to focus on
  • The intended audience

The target audience could be customers, employees, visitors, or just the public passing by. The information should be tailored to fit the target group. For employees for example, repeating the same information every other day could be redundant. Most will find it boring. 
  • Age

In digital signage, age is not just a number. You must find out the median age of the people who frequently visit your spot for the signage. This is important in the sense that you ensure that the information you share suit the majority of the population. For example, a population that consists largely of old people aged above sixty would not pay attention to social media advertisements. It doesn’t suit them. Statistics have it that only 18% of them visit social media sites.
  • Level of education

In places where people are not so well learned, it is important that you use the simplest vocabulary. This is to facilitate ease of understanding.

2.The type of information to be relayed

Another thing you would have to keep in mind when designing a digital signage is the type of information you want to convey. It could be product advertising, current information, personalized messages or instructions or directions. In all these information, precision is necessary. 

For adverts, you must make the information as appealing as possible. Getting people to buy a new product for example is challenging. The signage should be able to solve this problem. If they are not buying it because it is good, then they should be buying it because it was well advertised.

Shoppers sometimes get bored with advertisements especially when queues are long in places like supermarkets. In such a case, you can alternate advertisement with some short entertaining videos. If you are going to have a shopper in a queue for five minutes, he should have seen the advertisement and got entertained at the same time. This way their eyes will be glued to your screens.

Current information, personalized messages and instructions or directions should be visible from any point in the surrounding. They do not have to be appealing because sometimes the truth does not appeal.

3.The timing

Sometimes the information intended is not enough for one slide. This will automatically crossover to the next slide. The timing should be carefully checked. It should not take too short a time that it moves when your client has barely read the content. It should also not take too long that people get tired of waiting for the next part

4.The software

The software influences a lot in terms of the design. It must be flexible enough to enable development of desirable digital signage content. You might want to explore other software if you want extra things like RSS feeds or display information below the screen to your audience. The RSS feeds or any other information other than the main information should be designed to fit just a small part of the screen and not the whole screen

5.The Hardware

The hardware you chose must be able to support your software. Some software produces designs that cannot be supported by some CPUs. You should ensure that your device has the ability to support the software that you have chosen.

You should also know whether you are designing for LED, LCD, plasma, projection etc. Contents will show differently for these different screens. 

You should also put in mind the resolution of your display. The higher the resolution, the more you can put more details. Lower resolutions don’t need many details. More often than not, the fine details are not seen on low resolution displays.

The size of your display is also something you need to keep in mind. The more the size, the more space you have for your content. This does not mean that you put all the unnecessary information there, you still have to be precise and to the point.

6.Viewing distance of your audience

You can do a good job with design. Of what use is the design if it cannot be read? The further the reading distance, the larger your message should be. You should actually test for this on your screen before the message is rolled out.


The surrounding light is important in your design. If the light is too strong, it might dim your display and you will need to adjust so that your display remains visible. If the light is dim, you will need just enough light. Too much light may be irritating to the eyes and you must avoid it as much as you can.


There must be sharp contrast between your content and your background. You must avoid the color in the background while designing content. Dark backgrounds would need brighter content and vice versa.

The color used should reflect the kind of information you want to display. Red can be a sign of boldness or youthfulness. It can also be used to display information of great importance. 

Going by the above recommendations, digital signage will be demystified. This is a fun venture. It is even more fun if you get people to understand whatever you want them to understand. This you can only master when you understand the people you are dealing with.

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3 December 2016

5 Tips on How to Make Money from Your Blog

December 03, 2016
It certainly is not an easy task to make money off your blog, especially if you are starting from a scratch. Essentially, though, it’s all about making an effort. Investing part of your time into something, which will not give you any profit for months, sounds both risky and frustrating and many ask themselves why to bother?

Frankly, most bloggers do not start making money until at least a year has passed from their very first post and most of them give up long before that. Runners talk about hitting the wall, when they reach the point when they want to give up and stop. Yet, no runner passes the finishing line without going through the very wall first. The number 1 thumb rule of blogging is to never give up. Just keep posting, keep entertaining, and eventually something will happen.
Now, let us give you five quick tips on how you can start making cash from an online blog.

1. Skip the ads
“What? Don’t you make money from ads?”
No. Ads generate a low income, and we recommend you to stay away from them. Sure, GoogleAds  might provide you with some quick cash in the beginning, but do not sell banners on your site.
It is way better to promote your own products or services. This is where the real money is. Why sell space on your website for 100€ a month, when you use that space to sell services or products worth thousands of euros instead? Some blogs make 10 000€+ from their own products, simply by advertising them on the front page. Your main concern should be how you can make a huge chunk of money from a simple link, which brings us to the next point.

2. Become an affiliate
Most of us do not have a basement filled with make-up or luxury watches, so we do not sell our own products through the blog.
Instead, it is much easier to sell someone else’s products, and claim a part of their income! That is what affiliate marketing is all about, and you should get to know it as soon as possible. It is very common in the entertainment industry, such as online gambling for example. Get a couple of poker players to sign up on gaming sites, and earn money every time they are playing!

3. Put the price up
Are you offering services or maybe selling e-books? Do not sell yourself out cheap. Put the price up! This is reverse psychology. If your readers see you trying to sell something as cheap as possible, they will take you for just another vendor.
How often do you approach a shop with cheap sellers? You will most often just walk on by. But if you see really nice pair of shoes being sold for 89€, you might want to have a closer look. If you then see the same shoes being sold for 59€ at the same shop, your brain will immediately tell you that this is a good deal.
Sell your services expensive, and offer value deals on the side. It’s better to hit that one good client who will make your whole month profitable, than fight for 100 clients and end up with the same amount.

4. Join Webinars
There are a lot of web seminars out there, and successful bloggers  will let you attend them for a few coins. Do quick research – is this really an innovative, long-term blogger who has become rich purely through his online activity?
Then, why not take in some advice? There is no point in being jealous or thinking that you’re better off on your own. With a few good tips, clear signs and a bit of morale boost, you might just get the energy needed to keep going and get some new ideas. Information is power!

5. Use your friends
No, not use them as in “make them pay”. Use them as in “spread the word”! As long as you are sure that your blog is really interesting, and that is has something to offer people out there, why not use every means possible to make it go viral?
Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, send e-mails to everyone you know, say that you will owe a beer to everyone in your friends-list who shares your post. If you do everything right, you will see a surge of clicks on your site. And the more clicks you have, the higher the chance of wallets being opened!
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28 November 2016

How to Easily Convert PDF to JPG

November 28, 2016

With tons of products available online, for the conversion of PDF file into JPG format, it is a bit confusing to choose from the available products. Some of them are even adware in which, the sites claim to offer free download but while the software is downloaded, the computer has also got installed with several unwanted software and add-ons. There are several other sites, which steal the data present in the computer stealthily and misuse the data. All this happens during the process of downloading the software. There are some sites that convert the required PDF file into a JPG one, without transferring any unwanted on, or stealing any kind of data, but at the cost of compromising it in terms of quality.

PDF to JPG Converter:

So, instead of falling as a bait to these adware, people need to know the basic technicalities of such conversions of a PDF file to a JPG format. The user should be careful before downloading anything from the internet. Given below are some points that the user should keep in mind before downloading any product:
·         The converter can convert the PDF files into multiple formats, not only to JPG.
·         The speed of the converter should be very good; otherwise users might have to spend hours converting the files.
·         User should not worry about the malware at the time of downloading.
·         The converter must be an authentic one.

All the above mentioned points ensure that the file is converted in such a way that the storage is easy as it must not occupy too much of the drive space and must maintain all the details contained in the original PDF with very high precision.

I have visited several sites in search of the best converter that can convert a PDF file to a JPG format in an efficient way, without bearing much hassles, and the one that I find the most suitable is the converter offered by Soft Solutions. The process to be followed for conversion is quite simple and guidance is provided at each step for better understanding.
This site has been designed to help even a layman convert its PDF file into a JPG format, containing all information, colors, uniqueness and also adding sharpness to the PDF file.

All the points mentioned above are satisfied and several other enhancements are also available by the software provided by Soft Solutions. The PDF to JPG Converter gives a professional look to each and every converted file. All the requirements are met with extreme precision, giving the file a very attractive, yet sober look. This converter makes sure that every file converted, has its own professional look.
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21 November 2016

Random Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Selecting an Online Printing Company

November 21, 2016

Online printing has become an integral part of the printing world. Anything which needs to be printed is now done by placing an order online. Hence, while selecting an online printing company, it is advisable to proceed with good care. Any online dealing faces the biggest threat of fraud. Thus, getting referrals from friends and co-workers who have used the services is a good idea.
Some of the random mistakes which you should avoid making during the selection of an online printing company are:

  1. Do not select a printing company which lacks experience and doesn’t have a good dedicated team. You should go through their website to find out their strengths and USP before proceeding. They should be skilled in this field and should answer all your queries to satisfy you. They should assist you all through the printing process and support in choosing the right design, perfect layout and good template for your work. 
  2. Do not select a company that fails to show you good designs. A good online print company should provide you with as many designs as you demand. It will help you select the one which best meets your needs. The company should provide you with accessible designs and give you a hint of what the printed item would appear like.
  3. Do not select a company which doesn’t offer you with number of color options. You may not be able to decide with the right color by seeing on your computer. Sometimes you require assurance of a good print image. 
  4. Do not go for a company which doesn’t have a staff to discuss the budget with you and provide you with the right material at the right price. Also, make sure it has good proof readers to make your matter error-free.
  5. Do not select a company which fails to state the delivery time. Make sure the ordered things are delivered at the right time or they will be of no use
  6. Do not make the mistake of choosing a company which lacks good printing equipment.

Every client wants the best for his business. Online printing helps you get the best service at a great price within a limited time. HotPrint meets your printing standards and provides you with the best quality printing. Just visit the website and place your order and get it delivered in the shortest time period.

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16 November 2016

Best Proven Ways to Avoid Google Penalty

November 16, 2016
Best Proven Ways to Avoid Google Penalty
Everyone in today’s online marketing world is doing whatever they can to avoid a penalty from Google. A Google penalty is essentially defined as a negative impact on a site’s search ranking based on updates to Google’s search algorithms and/or manual review. At times, penalties can be the intentional penalization for the use of black-hat SEO tactics.

Luckily, these penalties serve as a reminder for sites to partake in tactics that are honest, truthful, and white hat. We want to help you do everything you can to avoid a penalty disaster and continue receiving high rankings.

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Below are six smart ways to avoid Google penalties:

 Avoid low quality content

Google’s web-spam team is always on the hunt of low quality and spammy sites and devalues them. The only way to avoid so called Google Penalty is by writing high quality content which serves some value and knowledge to users.

 A valuable content is minimum of 1000 words or more. In this 1000 words, you can serve some valuable information to your readers. Remember, you must write for your readers, not for search engines. Your readers are human not bots like Google Bot. Also, Google Bot loves the content which created for humans.

 Avoid duplicate content 

Avoiding duplicate content is the first lesson you learn in this blogosphere. Why? Because it is the worst mistake you make. Duplicate content leads you towards penalty from search engines. It is most harmful thing which you shouldn’t do. If you have copied content from other famous blogs, go and remove it as soon as possible. Search engine crawlers can find that if you copied content or not if yes from where you copied it. So, try not to post copied content on your blog.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Keywords are important indicators to tell search engine crawlers about the topic of our content. You need to add the keyword(s) in your post to get ranked for them. But, overdoing it can lead you to keyword stuffing and you can get tight slap from Google. Doing keyword stuffing in your content rings red alert at Google. Try not to exceed the keyword density limit. Keep it between 2% – 3% of total length of your post.

Unnatural Backlinks Profile

Backlinks are still important to get ranked well in Google search and other search engines. Dofollow Backlinks from high PR sites  related to your niche flows the trust towards to your site. Getting backlinks from the sites not in your niche or totally unrelated from the topic you are writing about are harmful in terms of SEO. Specially, links from Adult and Gambling sites, spam blogs, spammy article directories will have negative impact on your search ranking.

Clean Up Your Act

Be proactive and conduct a link audit on your site. A link audit will identify all links that are linking to any pages on your site. Go through and remove any unnatural links that aren’t relevant to that particular site.

For spammy or unnatural links from an external site, contact the websites that you don’t want to be associated with in the eyes of Google and ask them (politely) to remove the link.

Be Careful With Guest Blogging

Earlier this year, SEO expert Matt Cutts announced that guest blogging could negatively affect your site. Sometimes the incoming links from guest blogging are out of place or really not useful to the reader. If you’re going to do this practice, make sure your content is extremely relevant to the blog you’re posting on and that the post won’t produce spammy links.

Not Being Active in Social Media 

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