10 December 2020

How to Write Compelling Copy?

December 10, 2020

Creating compelling copy isn’t a rocket science.
Do you know what exactly a compelling copy means?
It is…
..making your readers to say “yes” to whatever you write.
But how can you make them nod?
There are few things that can help you create a compelling copy almost every time, like
  • knowing your audience
  • finding their trigger points to grab their attention
  • developing your writing voice etc
Here are few surefire ways to creating a compelling copy that makes a buzz around your blog.

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How to create compelling copy all the time?

Generate ideas.

The fist step to creating compelling copy is: generate ideas.
Brainstorm whatever comes into your mind when you’re decide to write. You need blog post ideas to create great content all the time.
But how can generate ideas for your blog posts?
Here are few tips to come up with blog posts ideas
  • Have a glance over popular posts in your niche
  • Hang out on Facebook groups to know what others are posting
  • Use forums
  • Generate blog post ideas through questions your readers ask
  • Use twitter search to see trending topics
  • Go through Amazon books (and look at the magnetic headlines that attract: tweak them to your benefit!)

Show uniqueness to stand out.

Why should someone read your blog?
If you’re offering nothing new, no one will be interested to read your blog no matter what.
If you show some uniqueness to stand out, you’ll be definitely creating great impact on your blog readers to read your compelling copy.
So how to stand out to create compelling copy?
Develop your own writing style: This is the single most factor that can bring you massive results, audience and money in the long run. Don’t try to copy other’s style, make your own, and increase your fan base :)

Keep your writing simple.

Be human.
Blogosphere is getting too personal, no one likes to read generic content. Especially when you’re writing something like ‘Wikipedia’.
We REALLY hate to refer Wikipedia links even though it has great contents – it simply lacks a personality. Add personality to create a compelling copy – everyone will be interested in reading and sharing your contents then. Be personal!
So how to be personal?
There are 3 tips to add personal touch to create a compelling copy.
  1. Add some humor
  2. Use the word YOU
  3. Write like you talk

Make it scannable to turn a normal copy into compelling copy.

Here’s a deal between you and me. I bet you will lose.
[note]Do you read everything that you come across online?
At least do you read word to word even a single article each day?[/note]
The answer is.. NO (that I know ;))
So what can you learn from this?
Always make your content scannable to make it a compelling copy.
  • Break your long paragraphs into small
  • Use lots of bullets, sub heads and italics
  • Read this article to write scannable content

Make your compelling copy go viral – promote.

Your copy becomes a compelling copy only when you promote it like hell.
Make sure you’re giving more visibility to each and every post you write. When more readers are finding your blog to read your content, it’s the easiest way to make it go viral.

Creating compelling copy: takeaway!

No matter how great your content is, it has to be formatted the right way to grab others attention. Most bloggers don’t care about crafting their articles – they end up with mediocre formatting.
Spend quality time on crafting your content, use appealing images, link to relevant links to further reference, and make sure you always have great headlines to create compelling copy.

Over to you:

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26 September 2020

How to Deal With Negative Comments the CREATIVE Way?

September 26, 2020

If you run an online community service where others are encouraged to participate with their own thoughts, you’re sure to come across negative comments throughout your blog or forum’s life. While negative comments may be one of your greatest fears as a social media participant, they are a reality. Furthermore, the way that you deal with negative comments can either make or break your online reputation—and the reputation of your business.

Why does anyone leave negative comments?

Mostly because of TWO reasons people will leave negative comments on any site.
  1. They need ‘attention’ (or)
  2. They think your blog post is a ‘bull shit’
Let us discuss the above two points more clearly.
They need attention: Blogosphere is totally crowded. One can’t easily stand out from the crowd if they leave ‘just another comments’, agree?
When your blog posts receive adequate number of comments, it becomes hard to get noticed. This is why few people prefer leaving negative comments to grab others attention.
They think your content is a bull shit: This is actually GOOD. Because? This kind of people will read your entire content (at least they spend enough time to know the meat of your content). When you find these comments, ask them either to;
  • Guest post on your blog (on the similar topic) or
  • Email them about describing the same topic
If they respond to you – it’s good for you and your blog. If not, ignore.

Here are few simple tips to handle negative comments on your blog

Ignore: if you found any negative comments on your blog – simply ignore them. It’s as simple as that. Don’t look at those comments, start working on your next blog posts. Ignoring is the best way to hurt negative commenters.
Accept criticism: don’t expect the positive comments all the time. Blogging is an online business, when you’ve something to share with others – even they’ve all the rights to share their opinions with you.
In fact, handling negative comments can increase your professionalism.
If you’re responding to the negative comments in a great way, it not only boost your blog’s credibility but you’ll also be creating great impact on the negative commenters.
In the long run, they might become loyal to your blog, who knows?
So always be ready to accept the criticism on your blog – especially when you write something UNIQUE. Do I’ve to say unique content always have the chance to get more negative comments (because unique content is less seen, so people can’t obey your points when they find something totally irrelevant).
[note]When you’re writing unique points, make sure you’ve SOLID back up points to support your post. Otherwise your post may end up attracting more negative comments.[/note]
Thank them: Really.. thank the negative commenters this time. Why?
For pointing out your mistakes in the post.
If you think your content is flawless and totally engaging, then you don’t actually need to listen to the negative commenters. If not, you should be thanking them for giving their feedback.
Just respond back to them, saying – I’ll be writing more detailed articles in the future, thanks for your feedback.
This way you’re not only grabbing their attention, also you’re encouraging more people to leave thoughtful comments on your blog posts.
Blog commenting section is the starting point to build a thriving community around your blog.

In a nutshell:
When you find negative comments on your blog… do following things
  1. First off, confirm whether it’s a legit comment or a troll
  2. Don’t do anything (just ignore)
  3. Delete the comment (bad strategy! but good for you when you’re an absolute beginner!!)
  4. Welcome them & respond well (either by emailing & asking them to guest post on the similar topic OR simply say thanks)
  5. If the comment purpose is just made to attack you – kick them out of your blog, scold them and don’t allow his future comments.
How do you handle negative comments on your blog? Any extra tip?
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14 June 2020

5 Tips to Improve Your Blog

June 14, 2020

Lately, I’ve been working really hard to get more conversion rates on this blog.
I’m spending countless hours to know the best user experience on websites.
Good news is, you don’t need to waste countless hours like me to know those simple tweaks. Go through this article – I’ll give you top notch blog tips to improve your blog.


Use and Implement Categories

 For readers visiting your blog via search or links from other sites, clear navigation can keep them browsing the site instead of bouncing if they don’t see the information they need right away. Adding categories to your blog posts (and a “Categories” widget on the sidebar of your blog) that are relevant to your audience is one way to add clarity. For TTH, categories might include “My Campsite Story” (personal stories) or “Expert Tips” (tips on kayaking, camping, etc.).

Consider The Options for Sharing

Currently, readers can share blog posts on TTH via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and email. However, if TTH finds that certain social channels get less play than others, it should tweak the options to suit its audience’s needs. Images are currently  pinnable on the blog, which is great, but having a “Pin” button in the “Share this” menu can be more obvious for the casual user. TTH currently uses pull quotes to break up its blog posts (which is a great way to make longer blog posts more visually interesting), but what about adding a “tweet this” option to make those quotes instantly shareable?

Showcase a Clutter-free Design

 Nothing sends your readers running faster than being greeted by a cluttered, tacky or spammy feel. Make a great first impression by with a stunning, clean and professional design and improve your website trust factor instantaneously.

Make Sure Your Content has Practical Utility

The time has come to ask yourself another simple but important question: What are the benefits from reading my post?

You have to understand the psychology of sharing. People share content to lift or to sustain their authority in the eyes of their audiences. While they are not the authors, they are the ones who found it and gave it away.

Perfect Your About Me page

This is the most frequently visited page of your blog after your home page. It also has the longest shelf life. It’s worth really looking at how others have done it, and then to make yours as professional and well thought out as possible. You certainly don’t want people bouncing off this page. They need to subscribe to updates then and there.

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Did you feel something missing? Please let me know using the comment section.
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28 March 2020

Best WordPress Security Plugins To Make Blog Secure

March 28, 2020
Best WordPress Security Plugins To Make Blog Secure

Nowadays WordPress is the most popular blogging platform ever used as it has a variety of features including thousands of plugins, thousands of themes and easy to be controlled. WordPress has been used by many famous blogs including famous TV channels and newspapers including international magazines. The problem is that WordPress is getting hacked more than the usual websites do, there are several reasons behind it by which we have listed Best WordPress Security Plugins below which would help you to be secured from hackers and keep your blog safe and active. These plugins are surely reviewed by many of its users and we’ve listed them according to their features and capabilities.

In past years we have seen many of zero-day exploits have been released by which thousands of websites got hacked, the vulnerabilities were not only discovered in WordPress but also the famous themes and plugins which were installed on more than half of the WordPress blogs. If you’re an administrator and runs your own blog then you should keep your WordPress blog updated as new releases contains patches for the the security vulnerabilities which were discovered in earlier versions.

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 Best WordPress Security Plugins

1. WordFence

It is one of the most popular security plugins which is used and trusted by millions of WordPress users. This plugin scans each and every file uploaded on your server for virus infection, it claims that it makes your site 50 times faster and secure than it was. To make your blog faster it uses Falcom caching engine, This plugin is actually free but it includes of some features which are paid. If you can afford its premium features then do buy them as they are useful.

This plugin also gives protection against brute force attacks and enables two step authentication process via SMS. It also have a firewall to block traffic coming from specific country or block fake traffic, bots and scanners. It also scans your posts and comments and scans them to find malicious code and remove it, as search engines also avoid ranking sites which are compromised and have malicious code or file. If ti finds some file, post or comment with malicious code so it immediately sends an email notification regarding the issue.

2. Bullet-Proof Security

It is another famous WordPress plugin which helps you to secure your blog enough only by its free version, it also have pro version but free one is enough to be secure. It includes of built-in file editing like editing .htaccess file. You just need to activate it and relax. It will scan known vulnerabilities and If it find any then will notify admin with it, it keeps itself updated with latest known vulnerabilities and according to exploits and vulnerabilities which get discovered and It also limits log-in attempts and blocks the I.P address of user who log-in several times without pauses by same I.P address. It also optimizes your blog using its caching system and It scans every site for the famous vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF Injection and many others.

3. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is a plugin for WordPress which is made by famous website security and auditing company Sucuri. This plugin protects your site from DOS attack, Zero Day vulnerabilities, brute force attacks and common vulnerabilities. It’s free version provides lots of features like file integrity monitoring, malware scanning, and others. It also logs all activities made so when your site compromises so the logs are saved on Sucuri’s cloud storage and when something wrong happens so it notifies you immediately.

You may purchase its pro version as Sucuri is a famous team full of experts so it would advice you better and help you to make your online business or your blog to be more securer than ever.

4. iThemes Security (formerly better WP Security)

It is also an awesome WordPress security plugin which provides 30+ ways to protect your blog, only by installing it and activating this plugin you can make your site safe from known vulnerabilities and it limits log-in attempts to avoid brute force attacks and hide admin log-in area so its hard to find the main admin panel from where they can log-in even if they get the log-in details. It also forces the registered WP users to choose a secure password and change their passwords after a period of time. Same like others it also provides two step authentication to make your site more secure and safe from hackers.

It also integrates with Google reCAPTCHA to avoid comment spam on your blog.

5. All in One WP Security & Firewall

It is another famous plugin used for securing WordPress blog from various common vulnerabilities, it denies bad query strings, prevents from XSS and other known vulnerabilities. It hides admin log-in area and almost prevents from brute force attacks. It monitors files uploaded on server and immediately reports admin if any change is made to the files. It also monitors the users registered on WordPress, logs their log-in date time, I.P and username. It strongly forces users to choose a secure password and it also monitors their all activities.

It also allows to setup schedule backups which would be sent to you by email and if someone tries brute force attack after finding your admin log-in area so he would get locked and this plugin would send an email to the administrator regarding the I.P of the user who was trying to brute force the log-in area. This plugin also helps you to reduce comment spam.

6. 6Scan Security

This plugin is same as others, it secures your site from various security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, CSRF injection, Remote File Inclusion, Cross Site Scripting, Directory traversal and DOS attack, including others which are in OSAWP top ten vulnerabilities.

The best feature of the plugin which makes it unique is the auto-fixer, If this plugin finds any of the vulnerability existing in your WordPress blog so it will automatically apply fix to secure your blog and notify you about it in your email. It will keep the administrator updated with any action it takes, including the auto-fixing feature and scanning.

Additional Security Advises

The first thing I would say would be that keep your WordPress installation updated as the new releases are actually the patches for the Zero-Day vulnerabilities or the exploits which were discovered in their previous version, including Plugins, Themes and WordPress itself.

Never use Nulled themes, plugins because they consists of malicious code embedded in it, and then search engine would avoid indexing your site. Download themes and plugins from trusted source, usually WordPress official site and if you can afford a premium theme then go for paid than applying free theme on your blog, and same advice for plugins as well.

Don’t ever use username as ‘admin’ because it is the most common, and the first try that attacker tries to do. Thanks to the plugins which we’ve listed above, they wouldn’t let brute force work anymore.
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27 November 2019

Best Way to Earn Online Money with Bitcoin

November 27, 2019

Way to Earn Online Money with Bitcoin
Earning money online without  investment is always a  dream for everyone.So here today we're going to share one such way which is a global invent of current revolutionary technology,the term is digital currency or crypto currency.This is actually a very simple thought but also a very complex one too,it depends on your way of thinking actually.There are several crypto currency available online but the most popular and famous one is 'Bitcoin'.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was launched in 2009, the first digital medium of exchange at the time, but now one of many (others have names like Ripple, Litecoin, Peercoin and Namecoin). Being digital, these currencies can be transferred instantly and securely, with no, or very low, transaction fees, between any two people anywhere in the world. Think of it as electronic cash that you can use to pay for goods or services, or give to friends or family, without having to pay the bank to do so.

Is Bitcoin Legit?

Yes it is completely legit over the world.Many online shopping sites like amazon and others do accept payment in bitcoin.So it is a complete legit and most trending digital currency all over the world.

Bitcoin Units

1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 ฿
10 Satoshi = 0.00000010 ฿
100 Satoshi = 0.00000100 ฿ = 1 Bit / ╬╝BTC (you-bit)
1,000 Satoshi = 0.00001000 ฿
10,000 Satoshi = 0.00010000 ฿
100,000 Satoshi = 0.00100000 ฿ = 1 mBTC (em-bit)
1,000,000 Satoshi = 0.01000000 ฿ = 1 cBTC (bitcent)
10,000,000 Satoshi = 0.10000000 ฿

100,000,000 Satoshi = 1.00000000 ฿

Ways to Get Bitcoin

Though there are several ways to get bitcoin but here we'll recommend you the two main way to get bitcoin

  1. Capcha Mining
  2. Cloud Mining

Capcha Mining

There are several websites out there where you just need to log on with your email id and then you just have to clear the capcha and you'll get bitcoin.Here we're going to recommend you few legit sites(already tested) from where you can actually earn bitcoins.

  1. Bitcoinker
  2. BonusBitcoin
  3. MoonBitcoin
  4. Freebitcoin
  5. Cointply

NOTE:You need to visit those sites atleast one per day and clear the capcha cause they often reduce the free Bitcoin amount to irregular visitors.

Cloud Mining

Physical bitcoins do exist, with a number embedded in them, but ultimately, a bitcoin is just a number associated with a bitcoin address. The “mining” that creates them uses PC processing power to solve complicated cryptographic problems that get progressively harder to crack as time goes by. This is the geeky, maths bit. But even computer novices can do it, using software that is free to download and run and which can be left to run 24/7 in search of the magic code that will unearth more bitcoins. Obviously, the more powerful the computer, the more chance there is of reaping a reward in a given time.

When a computer mining bitcoins hits the jackpot (after 1 789 546 951 attempts, on average), a box appears on the screen confirming that all the code crunching has produced, not one newly minted bitcoin, but a block of 25, because bitcoins do not emerge singly. At the moment, a block is being found by some computer every seven to eight minutes – which gives you an idea how many people are mining them.

But unless you wanna invest and take the risk to loose your money then earning bitcoin through visiting bitcoin faucets websites are much better than bitcoin mining.

How to Collect and Sell Bitcoin

whether you're doing bitcoin mining or visiting faucet the total amount of earned bitcoin will automatically store onto your coinbase or blockchain account on every sunday,using which you made the sign up.You'll also get a mail notification on your email id too.Under there you'll find a 'my wallet' option and there you can see the total amount of your bitcoin you've earned.Under that account you've also a sell option.as soon as your bitcoin reached the threshold amount.So then you can choose whether you're willing to sell it or should keep it on your account and wait for a better price.

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